What Version of Your Book Should I Read?

October 14th 2018

I've noticed that my books definitely get a lot of attention on pirating sites.

Like, in 2 days there were hundreds of new downloads of my books.

Problem:::: The pirating sites do not use the correct edition of the book. That version of the book you are downloading is a highly corrupted early draft.

I'm forgiving, but the simple fact remains that to be an honest and moral person you should be paying for the work I've done.

There's also the fact that 3.4 Edition, the Lulu.com edition, is THE edition to read. Only available as a paperback at this point.

The real good and honest thing to do would be to buy the 3.4 Paperback Edition of The Book of Finch. That is the best representation of the story to date.

I give permission ONLY to the paperback edition of the book to be distributed.

BUT --- If you really want to read the first edition, I will PERMIT you to download a pirated first edition UNDER THE CONDITION that you also BUY and read the 3.4 edition paperback.

That is the written permission right there. You have my written permission, as the author, to freely download 1st Edition The Book of Finch (the edition with the word "socialistic" on the cover) but ONLY IF you also purchase the 3.4 edition paperback.

I am well aware that my books are popular and that they get pirated like mad --- I highly recommend becoming honest in your dealings.

The edition to read of Letters to Whomever is the Lulu.com Paperback, 2nd Edition with Postscript I believe.

The edition to read of The Eagle's Sore is the Lulu.com Paperback updated and released on 7/26/2013.

But in all seriousness:::: Theft is illegal. Honesty is the best policy. Pay the honest price.

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