Thank You - For Finch, The Band

If Nate Barcalow, Randy Strohmeyer or whoever else from the band sees this page, I’d just like to say ‘thanks’ for all the musical work you put together under the title of my online game name.  You guys are awesome, and though it’s disappointing to see the band fail on the effort for a third album, well, with “Hail to the Fire” and “World of Violence”, I guess it’s obvious that disc wasn’t going to be pretty…

I am immensely thankful however – by seemingly concentrating on the misery I felt in What it is to Burn you helped pick me up and put me on a little adventure in life.  Growing up I was a rather underprivileged individual, and if it wasn’t for you guys, well, I’d be sitting in my room staring at the wall for years on end with a hopeless emotional torment.
As the song “Bittersweet Symphony” says, “I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah”.  Thanks, for providing me with that sound.

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