An Apology to Radioclash

Sunday, March 16th 2014

Dear Radioclash:

Remember me Radioclash? It's Finch, from the Avril Lavigne Backbone forum from ten years ago. I never really knew you, except that you are or were a fan of Avril Lavigne, that you were Jewish, and I always assumed you are female.
            Recently, on Monday, March 10th 2014, my blog received a massive-bulk-visitation from over 1000 visitors from the Nation State of Israel. Considering how the message of my book, The Book of Finch, is vaguely directed at the Jews, this seems like a relevant thing to occur.
            But just this evening I had an idea that I should write some kind of document, an open letter of sorts, apologizing for my behavior towards you, or even the Jewish people.
            I'm not speaking for the Mormons right now. According to Mormonism, it is very, very clear to me that God punishes the Jews, somehow trying to convert them to Christ as he inflicts pain upon them. Spencer W Kimball, an LDS Apostle and Prophet, in his book "The Miracle of Forgiveness" makes it clear that God and Jesus DID NOT forgive the Jewish people when and after they crucified Christ, and as I've already tried to explain to you, The Book of Mormon teaches that God is still trying to carry out judgment upon the Jewish people who reject Christ.
            Of course, years ago I started hearing rumors that The Book of Mormon actually prohibits anti-Jewish activity. I already knew 2nd Nephi 25:16, and I grew very concerned about what The Book of Mormon could have possibly said that actually prohibits the scourging that I already know according to this book God has already prescribed.
            Is it possible that The Book of Mormon contradicts itself, teaching one thing in one place and then changing and teaching something different in another? I determined after hearing these rumors that if this is the case, then I really can't believe in Mormonism anymore.
            After having many questions about the LDS church's validity, upon researching the FAIR LDS website (Foundation of Apologetic Information and Research Latter Day Saints) I found a couple of Book of Mormon scripture references that are apparently interpreted to mean that God actually prohibits anti-Jewish activity.
            These scriptures can be found in 2nd Nephi 29:3-6 and 3rd Nephi 29:8.
            According to the standard LDS interpretation of these scriptures, mixed with my understanding of 2nd Nephi 25:16, I am supposed to understand that God causes great suffering for the Jews by causing other nations to attack, and then God turns around and punishes the obedient attackers. Furthermore, FAIR LDS explained to me that it is by the wicked that the wicked are punished, therefore the people God has attack the Jews are wicked people.
            I think the LDS church is walking on very thin ice with this teaching. They are telling us that there's one part of God's will that only the unrighteous and wicked obey, and after the unrighteous and wicked have obeyed God's will, God then punishes them for their obedience.
            I don't know how the LDS church can explain why only the wicked would obey God, and regardless of the spiritual state of the obedient I am concerned about how God would then punish his own obedient followers for the deed He commanded them to do. This makes the LDS/Mormon version of God look pretty bad.
            My own personal explanation of 2nd Nephi 29:3-6 is that in these scriptures the Jews somehow saved the Gentiles, therefore the Jews being referred to must have been early Christians who actually believed in Jesus and used to be Jews, because a Jew who doesn't believe in Jesus doesn't save anyone. I grow concerned about the Mormons when they try to explain to me that Jews who don't believe in Jesus somehow saved and converted the Gentiles. The church doesn't look very smart.
            Lets not forget to mention that though God scourges the Jews until they believe in Jesus Christ according to 2nd Nephi 25:16, according to 3rd Nephi 29, shortly after Jesus died and came to America the rule regarding the scourging was suddenly changed. It's so strange how 600 years before Christ, God was always planning to punish the Jews for a murder they have not yet committed, and then shortly after the murder, God suddenly changed his mind and decided that there is no more need for any scourging, causing the Nephi of 2nd Nephi to be a false predictor.
            2nd Nephi in The Book of Mormon says God will scourge the Jews until they believe in Jesus Christ. Then way down the line in 3rd Nephi, God has suddenly changed his mind, and that whole thing about scourging Jews until they believe in Jesus is no longer valid. Or something.
            To tell the truth, I am really, really confused.
            Upon examining all kinds of things in Mormonism, like my experiences, the people I know and other educational sources, I have grown extremely confused by the LDS/Mormon church and its teachings.
            In so many ways I look at my experiences in the LDS church and realize that these people are just being jerks, they play mind games and manipulate.
            I realize that the way I behaved towards you was very similar. I was a jerk. I was brainwashed into believing that LDS Mormonism is the one true church, the one true gospel, and based on my understanding of the religion at the time I treated you poorly, I was being a Mormon-Standard-Jerk-Missionary-type, trying to convert you to a religion by being obedient to the concept of a God who scourges Jews.
            I no longer follow or believe in the LDS religion like I used to. I have grown so utterly confused by the doctrine, organization and people that I don't care to follow their rules, I now understand and think differently.
            Now I drink Coffee. Now I skip church. Now I have some understanding that so many things about LDS leaders' teachings could be wrong.
            I am so confused by LDS teachings, I am no longer clearly certain that God did not forgive the Jews when Jesus requested forgiveness for those who knew not what they did when he hung on the cross.
            I am not 100% certain that the LDS church is completely false, but I am mostly certain that it is very erroneous in so many ways that I cannot trust them and their doctrine to any great extent.
            It very much seems like I'm on my way out of the LDS church, I keep finding so many reasons to be psychologically-disturbed by the inanity if the religion.
            Whether I stay or go from the LDS church, it is very clear that I should apologize for the way I treated you, it is very clear that the LDS church is not valid grounds to stand on for that kind of behavior.
            I sincerely apologize. Please forgive me.

-Kris Attfield (AKA Finch)

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