Gloating - My Marks in School

OK, like I said in my book: I was top of the class in school, and in grade 12 my grades plummeted.

My mom found and brought out some historical records of my schooling, I guess I’ll just share my marks with you here:
Language Arts Final Mark: 82%
class average: 70%
Math Final Mark: 94% (100% on final exam!!!)
class average: 77%
Science Final Mark: 91%
class average: 78.5%
Social Studies Final Mark: 90%
class average: 76%
Physical Education Final Mark: 85%
class average: 85%
Drama Final Mark: 76%
class average: 76%
Spanish Final Mark: 97%
class average: 83%
Advanced Computers Final Mark: 94%
class average: 80%
Grade 9 was the school year I got the award for highest average grade of all the students in grade 9.  :)
I have two Grade 10 report cards…. I’m glad I have them.
1st Term:
English 10: 81%
Math 10 Pure: 91%
Physical Education: 86%
and for my option of Foods I have three different marks: 89%, 88% and 83%
Grade 10:
3rd Term:
Science 10: 90%
Social 10: 87%
Spanish 10: 90%
for my option of “multimedia intro” I have three marks: 89%, 100% and 98%
Now for what I have left of my grade 12 report card.  This 2nd semester report card is my LAST High school report card, and as I remember that year, I was supposedly not doing as well as years before and I was being looked at by psychiatric doctors, yet my marks in school are higher than I remember them being:
Grade 12:
4th Term:
English 30: 71%
Physics 30: 80%
Math 31 (Calculus): 61%
Wow.  My marks appear to have suffered by 10% by the last year of my high school, and my Math 31 mark is higher than I remember it originally being.  I thought I completely flunked Calculus.  61% huh?  Wow.
Sooooo yeah, ok….. I spent all those years being diagnosed with schizophrenia simply because my marks in school dropped a bit.  Hrrmmmm.  I wish I had my 1st semester report card… I remember grades of like 45% in chemistry and a 75% final exam mark in math 30.
Huh.  I was taken to the doctors because my marks dropped in school…. and all of the sudden I’m schizophrenic, perhaps because ‘predicting the 9/11 disaster’ was ‘impossible’.
I wonder if I could’ve done something better with my life….

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