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Wednesday, 5th September 2012 – 10:51PM

Just minutes ago I finished watching a Youtube Video presentation of Stephen Hawking explaining how the Laws of Nature explain the existence of the universe and coming to the conclusion that God does not exist.
I am not trying to defend the church in this article – I myself have experienced the stupidity and brainlessness of religious people first hand. However – even though the religious may be brainless and stupid, I DO believe in GOD, despite Stephen Hawking’s way of trying to explain his theory.
Like the mirror of the Church condemning Galileo for his beliefs, I’ve faced condemnation from scientists for my own belief in telepathic thought. Telepathic thought and other psychic phenomena have been proven to exist statistically. Those who conjure up psychic power usually tend to believe in God in one form or another, while the atheistic scientific community has historically been critical of psychic beliefs.
While I understand that certain phenomena that we might call paranormal or supernatural is actually explainable through laws of psychology, there seems to be no escaping the fact that psychic communication and knowledge are real and possible in our natural world.
Lets say that my own experiences with SEEING JESUS CHRIST were only hallucinations, caused by some form of suggestive hypnosis, like the Amazing Kreskin demonstrated at a show I once saw where he conjured hallucinatory animals and flames out of nothing – existing only in the mind of his subject.
While it is true that all the religious indoctrination we receive might have a psychological effect on us to experience described religious phenomena, it is still demonstrable, despite the supposed hallucinatory nature of the experience, that those voices in our heads or thoughts in our minds are coming from somewhere – giving us information from some other existent being who talks to us to let us know what we did not know without the “paranormal” phenomena.
OK – an atheist might say I’m being crazy by saying we can extract information out of thin air and explain it as coming from a being we’ve never met or seen before, any knowledgable person of faith KNOWS that there are feelings, thoughts, voices and forces that can cause us to know things we would not have otherwise known. Likewise, sending information through this psychic means to this unseen “being” can CAUSE things to happen, and even if we, ourselves, did not cause it to happen, we knew it was going to happen before it happened anyways, whether it being our minds being told it will happen or our own desire to cause it to happen.
Maybe you’ll need to read my book to understand what I’m saying – I’ll just say that the future is predictable, and “mystical”, or psychic communications DO exist.
It is possible that you are only telepathically communicating with some top secret government organization with plans to control your life, but the best I can do to explain my own belief and knowledge in God are the very physically real phenomena I experienced after communicating with God.
A week or two ago I managed to get into communications with Jesus Christ, and the night of those communications I had some freakin’ scary haunting experiences in my bedroom where tapping on the walls and shelves appeared out of nowhere and a screeching noise was created – likely from the moving of my bedroom door, which was ajar. There was also some mysterious light appearing that night. Where did the energy to cause these tappings and screechings come from?
Perhaps you could say I was hallucinating and I have a mental illness, but the drugs I take cause me to feel very un-energetic. I am so lazy on the psyche-drugs I am on – it’s difficult to want to go outside.  Well, the morning after this spooky experience, I felt so much energy that I was able to hike up the hill, and travel great distances with speed and ease – a contrast to the disabling nature of the drug I’m taking.
Basically, there are some “laws of nature” that Stephen Hawking has not considered, or if he considered them he dismissed them – because I have had personal experience with the existence and reality of the miraculous, magical forces that science does not understand and tries to dismiss as false, but has only been discovered by those who do believe in God, perhaps because of their faith in such a being.
It is true that God does not definitively prove his own existence, even to the faithful, but in the end, Hawking may have used science to try to dismiss the reality of God – but he didn’t prove that God doesn’t exist, and there are those of us who have experienced evidence that he DOES exist.
Remember – in this article I said some things based on the supposition that my personal experiences with Jesus Christ were just psychological hallucinations caused by suggestive hypnosis – but there’s no proof that this is what I was experiencing either, for everything I know – God’s existence is VERY REAL and science cannot explain it.
I’m sure there are ways you could try to explain holes in this article I’ve quickly written up, but in all seriousness – God’s existence seems all too likely in my experience, and even if I provide evidence or proof of my experiences and beliefs, the atheists or scientists will try to argue with me and dismiss what I have to say without proving anything. They use ridiculous and stupid arguments, and logically they haven’t won, even if the force of man-made law takes their side.
Friday September 7th 2012
I wrote this blog post today. It’s an even clearer argument to show that God is probably real, because the ancient apostle PETER knew scientific ideas that we’ve learned about only in more recent years.
I’ll repost the blog post here:
In the unlikely event that you like surfing my website, you’d know that a little while ago I wrote and released this article in response to a Stephen Hawking youtube video I watched.
In Stephen Hawking’s video, he described how time actually stops in black holes, or how objects with greater gravity have time slow down – which is a concept I’ve heard of before on the news in relation to astronauts.
Well, 2nd Peter 3:8 in the bible says “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”
Well, the ancient fisherman PETER knew of a science we have only recently really learned – time dilation.
God must live in a sun or a really big planet or something, because on day to God is a thousand years to us. Peter knew of a scientific concept that science only learned about in more recent years.
NOTE: I have to admit that I thought this concept of 1000years=1day started with Joseph Smith, but when I looked it up on the internet it appears it originated with Peter, the apostle, or as some would say the first pope of the catholic church. I guess i’ve got my mormonism mixed up with “regular” christianity now. Ugh.
What this does for me is it keeps up my opinion of Jesus and christianity, whilst keeping the LDS church and mormonism in question.
Anyway, it’s ultra cool that a mere fisherman would have such writings of a scientific concept only understood millennia later. This might be more proof that God exists.

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