Article - Telepathy???

I was trying to think of how to move this part of my original website over to this new blog - what parts should I include to discuss and explain the knowledgable reality of telepathy --- and was I just INSANE to claim telepathy with Avril Lavigne?

On my original website, which likely won't be completely ported to this blog, I blogged and collected a lot of data about my personal experiences with Avril Lavigne and my own family in my research of telepathy.

Maybe the idea of mind-reading or thought-transmission seems crazy to you - well, telepathy, mind-reading, or MENTALISM have already been scientifically proven phenomena for decades now. I'll just point you over to a guy called "The Amazing Kreskin". Do a google search about him. He has a website.

In my personal testing with mind-reading or telepathy, I have historically shown a clear ability to read my father's and mother's minds. Before I was experimenting on my parents, I was experimenting on Avril Lavigne - a few years ago my publisher issued a press release talking about my claims of telepathy with Avril.

I have a LOT of experience and I've collected stories over the years of my telepathy with Avril Lavigne - but I'm not sure if here and now are the best places to discuss these things. Moving into a new website home, I don't feel like transferring all those old stories to here. If you wanted to read the details - my old website would have made a lot of sense for you to read. You can read some of my stories in my book, "The Book of Finch".

One of the stories about telepathy with Avril Lavigne I do not want to transfer over because of the bad language involved. The other I had on my website only really works when you see the blog chronology of what happened on my old site. Rest assured though: it is clear I have a mental ability, and it seems very unlikely that I am just insane.

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