Article - Is the LDS church actually true? Part 2

January 2nd 2014

So, I've had a rather interesting roller coaster ride, testing the claims of the mormons versus the teachings of the non-LDS-christians.

So: is the LDS church actually true?

There are many, many ways in which the LDS church could be found out and disproved. Whether it be based on scriptural evidence, church history or my own personal life experiences, the LDS church does not stand up to reasonable logical requirements of truth in so many ways.

Is there any evidence for the LDS church?

There is evidence for the LDS church, such as miraculous occurrences and the seeming wisdom and prophetic nature of some of their top leaders ---- but these special "magical" type things are easily and capably mimicked by the devil anyways, so it is not actual real evidence.

An LDS prophet could meet "Jesus Christ", and be convinced that it is Jesus, and may think himself to be true, but we in the audience or congregation don't really have any proof that this was the ACTUAL Jesus, we don't have proof that it's not just a false and satanic apparition.

Finch/Kris Attfield::: What about your own claims, are you a real prophet??

Growing up in the LDS church and wanting to do the right thing, I would have wanted to become a prophet and may have thought I achieved such when some of my predictions came true and I experienced miracles and saw who I regarded as deity, as well as angels.

I think there is an authenticity to myself, but it is also possible that some of my experiences MAY HAVE been satanic, but I don't really truly know either way. All I know is that God has been VERY GOOD to me, and I feel loved despite the way I developed a lack of respect for following LDS commandments.

So, is the LDS church really true?

There is some kind of truth in the LDS church, they are truthy, they may do or try their best ---- but they are easily disprovable from scriptural, historical and personal-real-life experience, so I view the possibility that they are actually just "Led of the devil" as a real and likely possibility.

And again, I do not expect that anyone really needs to be LDS to be saved. There are very logical reasons why the LDS church really shouldn't claim to have a monopoly on salvation. They are possibly even completely contrary to the rules of actual salvation.

I think there are some neat magic tricks in the LDS church and that they try to be good people. But I no longer intend to follow their church, leaders or rules for many various reasons and I wouldn't expect that anyone would have to follow them in any way either.

We all have free will and can do as we choose. I would just warn you from personal knowledge, reasoning skill and experience that the LDS church is so extremely flawed, it's not likely worth the effort, in my opinion. Personally I'm content to stay home and live my own life.

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