Article - Excuse me for my spam

January 4th 2014

I just seem to have some kind of psychological drive or need to send messages to people. I have few friends, but the few friends I do have get very much spammed by yours truly.

When I was growing up in the church, the bishop and stake president didn't even make their email addresses known, so we couldn't have reasonable discussions about anything - it was just them speaking from the pulpit and trying to find fault with us in worthiness interviews.

In my early days, I would pen-pal with Jim Ruiz, the ex-Bungie storekeeper. This may have seemed like spam, because there was about one message per day each sent, but were just friendly-chatting with each other through email.

Then Bungie was sold to Microsoft, and Mr. Ruiz lost his job.

Eventually I started emailing with Annie Liability, and it was much the same --- except here I start being bulkier in the messages I sent and she responded, and responded, and eventually the communications stopped, and I went crazy from lack of having anyone to talk to.

There was my old friend from an old Myth Order I belonged to - Uni, I would spam and discuss with him, and then he eventually got tired of it too.

Any girlfriend or potential girlfriend has seen the wrath of my spam.

Newer bishops and stake president have received the spam.

My psychiatric nurse, or ex-psychiatric nurse, has received my spam.

You might even consider that I might have periods of spamming my MLA or MP.

Yes ---- I must be very needy, and it must be horrible for these people, to put up with all that email. I have few friends, and the ones I do get seem to get scared off by the huge number of messages that I send.

Why can't I stop writing? It's like I've got a mental "tick" or something where I think of things, and then I feel an enormous urge to go tell someone about it.

I am so sorry. I am so needy. Am I addicted to email?

Facebook and my blog help --- I am able to post messages to be seen by broader audiences, and then these individuals are able to be spared from more messages. Oy.

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