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Sunday, 26 May 2013
If you want to read the best version of The Book of Finch, your best bet is to read the latest edition, most likely in ebook format. As of this writing, the latest edition is 3.4 Edition.

Errors in the First Edition

UPDATE May 15 2012:::
I would just like to sincerely apologize to the eleven or so people who actually bought the first edition of The Book of Finch. The first edition was rather poorly written and I’m sorry you all had to endure the rather fantastic story through the scope of presentation so flawed. Please forgive me, second edition is a lot better, and if there is ever a third edition, it will also be an improvement. I’m sorry – I apologize for the poor quality of writing.
I discovered the 19th known language error in The Book of Finch on April 5th 2011 – so please understand that my efforts to proof read the book would not fix every error before publication.  Hopefully my book will be successful enough financially that I will be able to edit and improve the book for the release of a 2nd Edition – where known language errors are fixed and more information is likely included.
The last error in my book I discovered on April 23rd 2011.  It is amazing how much I don’t notice a flaw in the text even after having read it several times over.
May 3rd 2011 – Made a few more changes to the manuscript.
I learned that 2nd editions of books require their own ISBNs, and this likely means that if I want to continue self publishing that I’ll have to pay for a whole new book set up, rather than just changing the galley and submitting the new design to the printer.
Though I fully intend to release a 2nd edition some day, it will probably be quite a while before I even attempt to start publishing it – which means, for those of you who haven’t read my story yet, that you are better off to buy the first edition and read that than wait for a whole new 2nd version.
The mistakes in the first edition of the book are small enough that I still feel pretty comfortable with it, so the 2nd edition could take quite a while to be released.
The biggest mistake I made in the book that gives me the greatest annoyance are three parts where I have a period (.) written rather than a comma (,).  The second biggest annoyance to me is all the misspelled typo words in my poetry.  The original poems were better than that.  But, though there are numerous other errors, those errors are only slight and most of the book is OK.
June 15th 2011
I found yet another error.  It took six months for me to discover a “t” in my book that should’ve been capitalized.  Hmmpppff.
June 23rd 2011
I figured out in past weeks that I could rearrange one chapter to make it better, and then days later I realized after reading my journal that one event was chronologically misplaced.  Today I was trying to remember all those years ago, and realized that Chapter 7 should be inside of Chapter 6, so that’s gonna change in the new book.  I’ve also noticed another chornological error, but I might let it stay just because of how the story flows.  I will include dates so, if I do not change this chronological error, you will be able to see quite plainly that not everything is in sequence. Like I say in section D, it was just a “jumble of historical memories”.
I screwed up badly enough on my first edition that I’m gonna have to release a 2nd edition – to straighten the record.  I’m kicking myself that I’d spend those thousands of dollars to publish a very imperfect book, only to find out that advertising isn’t that easy…. and now I’m gonna spend another thousand dollars eventually just to fix my original mistakes.
July 5th 2011
Only just today did my father discover an error in the book that eluded us for so long: Page 17 “and it the requires” SHOULD be “and it requires the”.  Doh!
July 6th 2011
Today I feel an uneducated bumpkin (or something like that, feeling dumb) – in the first edition of my book I misspelled author Judy Blume’s name!  I apologize, thank God I’ll have it corrected in the 2nd edition.  I only feel justified in the error because at the beginning of the book I say “Some names have been changed”.  Truer than ever, apparently.
September 5th 2011
All these months have passed, and only today have I found this one little error.  I am so surprised it took me this long to find “see” which should be “seen” on page 121.  I’m glad I’ve found it, but I am so disappointed that it took this long. Ugh.  I’ve also lost count of all the little errors: I reinstalled my operating system and all my highlights of errors on the Adobe Digital Editions program disappeared. Oh well, currently I have a friend working on proof-reading the 2nd edition, hopefully we’ll get all the mistakes straightened out. I kinda feel like 2nd edition will be awesome, it’ll definitely be a huge improvement over the 1st edition.

Error in the Third Edition

I’m going to have to apologize – the third edition of The Book of Finch contains an error.
In the third edition, I decided to write a new chapter 2, to tell the reader more about myself, to lead in to the story. Right at the beginning of the chapter, however, I made a mistake. I said my parents were baptized into the LDS church just weeks before I was born. This is, in fact, incorrect. My parents were actually baptized just months AFTER I was born. This is a huge disgusting error, and I apologize, and I feel it might’ve been a huge mistake to publish that Third Edition.
Why did I publish the Third Edition, when Second Edition was decent? Well, the big thing that pushed me to publish Third Edition was that my old First and Second Edition publisher, AuthorHouse, wasn’t reporting sales and paying royalties like they should have been. I had also come up with numerous improvements to the text of the book and the story, so I thought I might as well release a Third Edition.
I have removed the Third Edition hardcopies from sale – I have no desire to perpetuate a lie, however mistaken or innocent the error was. We shouldn’t expect a Fourth Edition until I finally get word from Avril Lavigne, either promising an important document to be returned to me, or rejecting my request. There will, in all likelihood, be a Fourth Edition, I just have to wait and see about that important document.
As for AuthorHouse and reporting royalties, they did send me a cheque for the sales I could prove to them, for royalties they missed paying, but I am aware of other sales as well that are not so easily proven right away that they still have not reported. Hopefully the company will become honest, or more honest, but even after they finally reported the missed sales, I know that there are other sales they have not reported as of this writing.
If you are interested in reading a copy of The Book of Finch, by all means, buy a Second Edition, it’s not the perfected document about the story, but I do want to deplete the “in stock” supply in stores, so yeah, just buy a Second Edition.
I have no idea when Fourth Edition will arrive.
Saturday, November 3rd 2012

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