An Apology to Anyone who wanted my business

October 9th, 2018

During my days developing OUYA video games, there were a few emails that came along where people wanted my business, like, for me to work for them or whathaveyou.

I apologize that I'm not really into that sort of thing, but the following list should explain why the change in my life didn't happen::

1) I am considered disabled. The local government's goal was to get me back into working order again, but even so, I'm not necessarily as capable as someone who is not disabled.

2) I don't make money. Why do business with me when I'm not an earner? After the 3 books and 8 video games I did --- if I couldn't make money with those projects, then I'm not making money. I'm probably a poor investment with that track record.

3) I can't drive a car. I never learned how. I just feel extremely limited by my lack of ability to move around by myself. At very least this is a psychological dilemma --- but it could be a practical one too.

4) I've grown quite comfortable living at home with my parents. I get a monthly allowance from the government, and life's not bad here. Why change? "If it's not broke, don't fix it."

Like, once there was someone who seemed to offer a lot of money to buy me.

This failed because a) people around me didn't believe the offer was real and b) I'm not a corporation, so I don't know how you'd buy me. Maybe I'm just not a legal specialist as such.

Also note::: the above 4 reasons are also good explanations why I probably shouldn't get married either. Staying single is good enough for me.

The truth is, ever since winding up disabled the biggest plan on the mind of my family was just for me to live with them forever.

I was encouraged to work, and I tried to make money so I could have my own life ---- but that just didn't work out.

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