Article - A Theory Regarding my own personal Schizophrenia


I have a theory about why I became schizophrenic.

I became 'schizophrenic' just months after receiving my LDS patriarchal blessing. The blessing said I would have an especially blessed mind, and therefore it does not make sense why I would become schizo.

For a long time I wondered why I would become so stupid, why did God make me so stupid when I was so easily a brilliant character earlier in life? I was supposed to have a blessed mind, and I used to be real smart, so how did I lose my thinking ability?

Now that I understand more of what REAL christianity is (not the mormon fabrication), I now have a theory on how I can understand it:

When I was a young mormon, I hated my family life. The church taught eternal families, and at that time I was not interested in attaining eternity with this hellish family, so I just told my sunday school teacher that I was only interested in attaining Terrestrial Glory.

My lack of interest in attaining Godhood may have inspired God to bless me so that I'd be real smart in school. I was humble in my attitude towards my long-term goal, and I was not trying to steal God's throne. I was a mormon, but I wasn't absolutely following mormonism to the letter of the law, I wasn't deeply into mormonism, I was just aiming for terrestrial glory, which is where mormonism puts "normal christians". This is a reason why God would bless me with great intelligence.

Later in life, I started thinking about going for Celestial glory. I decided I WOULD try to go for Mormon Godhood. I got my LDS patriarchal blessing.

And as punishment for believing in a flawed religion, as punishment for trying to claim Godhood when I got my patriarchal blessing, God cursed my mind with a deep stupidity. I became schizophrenic because I was actually trying to attain Godhood.

So ------ How do I explain Avril Lavigne singing about me if God didn't like my reaching for His throne? Well, Jesus DID TEACH::  "He that humbleth himself shall be EXALTED".   I was very low about my sins, and well, true christianity WOULD exalt me for my low attitude about my own imperfections.

As for my sins, the Mormons teach that Jesus is trying to save us FROM our sins. If Jesus was trying to save me FROM my sins, then he would have snapped his fingers and I'd never masturbate again. And regardless of how much I want to stop masturbating, regardless of how much I want the temptation to go away, God NEVER took away my serious masturbation temptation. The Mormon Jesus NEVER saved me from my masturbation.

So I am unable to be saved by the Mormons, because I masturbate, and their God has never saved me from my masturbation, so I might as well accept the heaven of regular Christians instead of reaching for God's throne.

For a long time I wondered why God would make me so stupid ---- and now I realize it could've been because I was reaching for Godhood, which is probably wrong, even though it's the mormon goal.

God let me be smart, when my only goals as a mormon were terrestrial glory.

Remember: Gods in mormonism have to have spouses, and the Holy Ghost has no wife and pre-mortal Jehovah wasn't married either, so therefore the requirement to have a wife in order to be God is fallacious.

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