Article - A Note on Opinions

A Note on Opinions

By Kris Attfield
I would like people to think for themselves – although in thinking for themselves I do not intend that one would never be convinced by another’s position – I’m merely saying that people should formulate thoughts, opinions and positions based on a reasonable, true and righteous basis
The fact that my LDS patriarchal blessing says what it says does not indicate that I am the infallible voice-piece of God who one should always listen to and obey.  Just like any general authority or church leader, I can and do speak of my own mind and opinion – and that is not to be taken as God’s own holy word.
Though I personally try to maintain a good, decent and righteous attitude – sometimes I am just downright sinful, and it needn’t be excused as or thought of as God’s decision – it’s just me being whatever I choose to be.
A far more reliable source of God’s word to man would be found in the 15 LDS apostles – and even with them I’m sure there are times when they are simply representing themselves and not the Lord.
Though you can learn from others – do not be deceived.

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