Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Where's My Donation?

 So::: Avril's Birthday Charity campaign has been going on for a while now and I still haven't donated.


Well, I've donated so much to Avril in the past that I don't want her to get too full of herself for one -----

but also my budget is pretty tight this month and the money I did donate to charity went to the World Food Programme's "Share the Meal" instead.

I have enough money mostly just for my food for the rest of the month and maybe to help me purchase some artwork for my video game I've started to work on.

Yeah ----- I figured I would only be able to start work on a new game if people actually supported my game business with sales -------

but then I discovered a free way to hopefully fulfill a need that would have cost a bunch of money ---- so I think I might be able to do a game now.

I'm taking it slow and steady ---- there's no rush.

But yeah --- my budget isn't very big this month so that's probably the best reason for why I'm not donating to Avril's birthday this year --- I already donated my charity money to a different charity.

The last money I do have available to spend will likely go to video game artwork.

And though Avril Lavigne is one of the best influences in my life (I was in a very low spot in my life, and her influence helped keep me going) I think I've probably already paid too much attention to her and already donated so much money to her. I think we're good now.

Mostly a budgeting issue though.

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