Sunday, September 13, 2020

Evidence of Telepathy


I watched some Youtube earlier today.

The video I watched was a Christian Preacher talking about the importance of ending your sexual sinning.

He said if you have huge sexual urges that are too much to bear - that instead of sinning you should just get married instead.

This reminded me of myself.

The whole reason I was trying to get married was because I couldn't avoid my sexual urges.

I put my iPad down, and that's what I've been thinking about all afternoon.

I've just been asking God about who was I ever supposed to marry. Not much in the way of answers getting to me.

But then a moment ago, I was just thinking "I wasn't allowed to masturbate, and I wasn't allowed to marry either."

And directly after I thought that statement ----- a thought appeared in my head:::

"The Church is ostensibly false".

I didn't even know what the word "ostensibly" meant so I had to look it up in a dictionary on my iPad.

So yeah ----- there you go:::::: from personal experience just a moment ago, proof of the whole telepathy thing.

Some power spoke to my mind, and one of the words used in the statement was a word I don't even have in my vocabulary and I had to look it up.

And yes --- it's a real word, and it is relevant to the statement.

So on one hand I haven't been allowed to masturbate or get married,

while on the other hand, the whole reason I was getting drugged was because I believe in magic and telepathy --------- and even to this day, that type of thing is still real.


You can't tell me I was only talking to myself in my own mind when I don't even know what one of the words being said is, but it turns out to be a proper usage of that word.

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