Thursday, August 6, 2020

Why Selling My Music is Important

so::: I learned in past months that "Mammon" is actually "money" ---- therefore to serve God I shouldn't be working for money.

So WHY do I try to sell some of my music?

The easiest initial explanation would be that God allows for selling and giving to the poor.

But there's another explanation.

As Youtube has clearly shown me, Copyright Claims in the Music Industry are a big thing.

A big risk of creating music is that someone will decide that. your song resembles their song too much, and they might try to sue.

It's a risk.

As such, rather than giving music away freely and losing your shirt when you get sued -------

There are two parts to why SELLING music is important:

1) It limits the number of downloads, therefore copyright infringement is kept to a minimum.

2) If you do sell a million copies of your song, well, if someone sues you, then you have a million dollars to pay for the lawsuit.

So yeah, owning a few guitars I'm only bound to create my own sound, and sometimes publish that sound ---------

Even though I'm not supposed to work for Mammon/Money, I still should sell my product to 1) help the poor, 2) Limit potential copyright infringement and 3) Be able to pay for a lawsuit if necessary.

It's just logical and common sense. In the rules, Jesus allows us to sell things so it's OK I think.

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