Thursday, August 27, 2020

Visual Evidence

 I was wondering about whether or not I should post this post --- but I think I've decided to talk about it now.

So::: It's 10:44pm right now, and a few moments ago I was laying in bed listening to an ASMR video on my ipad trying to get some sleep.

I opened my eyes.

The room is not dark enough --- this sure is distracting.

Why is there a light on outside my bedroom door?

And immediately after I ask the question in my mind "Why is there a light on outside my bedroom door?" ----

The light oustide my bedroom door TURNS ITSELF OFF.

Yeah. The light was bright enough that I was going to have diffuclty going to sleep.

But after THINKING ABOUT THE LIGHT ---- the Light turned itself out. Yeah.

I wondered if people might think I'm still crazy ----- but then I realized I've been having light phenomiena for years so I might as well tell this story.

If I am visited by angels or whatever ---- yeah, I'm guessing God must be pretty disappointed in me for how I occasionally "misbehave" because of my "hormonal issues" ------- but hey, I don't know how else to deal with those feelings.

yeah. It's just one of those really weird things.

A light so bright outside my bedroom door that I'd have difficulty sleeping with it on.

And after merely thinking about the light, noting it in my thoughts ----- it just turned itself off.

yeah. But the darkness I am in now will make it easier to sleep --- so that's OK.

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