Tuesday, August 18, 2020

My Computer Obsession

 Ever since I was very young, I developed a deep interest in computer technology.

I once told a Psychology study that I felt like I was hypnotized to keep on or continue buying new computer hardware ---- whether it be bleeding edge or trailing edge ---- whatever fits my mood.

Well, I bought a new mac a little while ago ------ and yeah, I told myself and everyone else that this would be my last computer for like 10 years, unless I need a new laptop.

The reason I would need a new laptop is because the laptop I've been using for years now was cheap and has a problem where it'll freeze from time to time and become unusable until reboot.

I've figured I don't really use my laptop for a whole lot ---- so I can probably hold off on that (as well as I'm still kind of undecided about what kind of laptop I would get because none of the options seem ideal).

Well, here's what's happening in my head::::

I bought my newest latest computer --- the one that's supposed to last for 10 years ---- and I'm thinking ---- this computer is so sweet maybe it feels a smidge faster than my 1.4ghz Mac Mini I have in another part of the house ---------

So yeah, I now just have a bee in my bonnet to buy an iMac to replace my 1.4ghz Mac Mini.

I know, it's kind of pathetic.

My 1.4ghz Mac Mini is actually completely functional as it is ------- it's just a little bit slower -------

but I can feel the difference, even if it's small, and something inside of me just wants an upgrade.

I know, I don't need an upgrade. The 1.4ghz Mac Mini is completely functional, especially with an SSD instead of Hard Drive.

I probably don't need to buy any new computers at all for years now ---------

I just have a little bee in my bonnet that thinks a new iMac would be great.

Ugh. It is kind of like I am hypnotized to need more and new computer technology.

You can only have 10 Apple Devices and 5 of them can be macs.

I suppose a part of the issue might be that if I were to buy a new iMac ---- I could then give my old Mac Mini to a poorer person I know who doesn't have a computer.

Is that God's plan? For me to replace my marginally slower machine and give the old hardware to a poor friend?


Two problems with that though::::: 1) You never know if my friend actually doesn't want or need a computer --- like it almost seems obvious a computer would make his life better but what if there's another side to the issue? I dunno. 2) My MOM WILL NOT UNDERSTAND.

yeah. I bought my latest machine, it's good for about 10 years ------- My Mom with the way she is just will not understand if I buy a new iMac.

Yes --- in my mind the iMac looks great --- and yes eventually I will likely be able to afford it ----- but my Mom's ideations won't totally agree most likely, as well as what if I really have better things to spend my money on? Who knows.

But yeah --- ever since I was young I had a deep interest in computer technology ----- I once told a psychological study I felt hypnotized to buy new hardware -------- and though I told myself this latest buy will be my last for years ------- again my mind is wandering the online shop again.


Some kind of psychological issue where I need new hardware every few months or years or something.

But it's true that I could give my old hardware to a poor friend of mine ------ who knows.

I'm just going to comment that I have GRAMMARLY running as I wire this, and this editing software has a feature where it tells me the tone of how I sound in my message.

The biggest most noticeable sound of how I sound as I write this is:

"Grammarly thinks I sound anxious".


I am in no way anxious right now. This has nothing to do with anxiety.

Anyway ---- still some problems with the AI's interpretation of how I feel in textual words.

I guess I would say I feel uncertain about how to proceed, and I regret that I have such difficulty sticking to the original plan to not buy another computer for 10 more years.

But there's no anxiety here.

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