Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Looking At Guitars

 I've got two main guitar stores that I look at online for buying guitar stuff.

One of them is Best Buy.

I've noticed that since I bought and reviewed my Epiphone Acoustic-Electric Hybrid guitar that this model that I bought is no longer for sale.

My review said it's a beautiful guitar, just that the B String tuning machine was a little busted (whose fault that is, who knows, but I was able to fix it).

So:::: Since buying and reviewing that guitar ------ it's no longer for sale at Best Buy.

There were 3 colours of this guitar, the regular wooden kind, the ebony, and the sunburst kind.

I got the sunburst kind. It is no longer available.

The same model in the other two colours is still available, however.

There's something else too.

A little while back I said how my impulses were driving me towards the Epiphone Les Paul Special II they had at Best Buy.

At that time they had only one colour of this guitar as far as I'm aware.

But now they have a few different oolours of this guitar, as well as a Special I as in yet another colour.

Oh wow.

They ran out of stock of this one guitar I bought, and they are heavily stocking up on this other guitar I'm considering.

Well, I can definitely see how my current upstairs guitar, my first beginner acoustic ---- it really isn't the greatest quality (it was only $130) ------- I like having an upstairs guitar ------ but there's the quality issue plus the fear that one of the nieces of nephews might something in the hole.

And also there's how in about 10 days I'll probably have enough money to purchase one of these Les Pauls.


My biggest fear is that my Mom just won't appreciate a new guitar.

She really didn't like the idea of an upstairs guitar.

The upstairs guitar has settled into the family now -------- should I risk trying an upgrade?

The thing about my mother::::: I don't really fully understand her::::: she thinks it's bad to be rich. Pretty much, basically, essentially::::::

My Mom just doesn't understand how having a. wealth of goods at ones disposal is a good thing, she doesn't like the idea of being rich. I don't really understand it ---- but that's how she is.

She refused to ask God for help in my trying to sell books and video games.

My personal opinion is that if I'm not allowed to be rich then there's really no point in working for money at all -------

I mean, what's the point of trying to make money if you just aren't allowed to make a lot of it?

It seems like a pointless waste of time.

But yeah --- I don't understand it ----- but my Mom has her ideas about how she actually prefers being poor -------- so I'm just a little scared of buying a new guitar.

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