Friday, August 14, 2020

I'm feeling "minor key"

 I'm feeling "minor" right now.

That means I'm kind of sad.

Today my sister was talking with my parents and her friend, and she said: "Boys are stupid".

My Mom says it was a joke ----------

but I don't find it funny.

I just spent the last 20 or so years trying to recover from a childhood filled with talk like that.

You see, it didn't matter how well my brother and I did in school ---- we could have been getting awards and acing exams -------

but it was never enough to get my Sister to admit that we're actually smart.

As such, the best we could do --- if not disprove her by being smart ---- was to actually become as dumb as she said we were ------

and oh boy --- was that a shock or what!!!

She knew all her life how dumb we were -------- but it was just so shocking to people when we actually did become that dumb.

There are reasons why there's value in kindness and respect.

According to my sister, my brother and I are two of the dumbest people who ever existed ------

as such, I was too dumb to continue at University. Period.

And nobody appreciated that.

Yeah ----- so I feel like I'm going to turn on some Lewis Capaldi ------- that's the best musical representation I can think of for how I feel right now.

Just sad stuff.

I was watching some TV with my Sister's kids today.

I actually "learned" or re-realized some things.

I don't know exactly what to say on this topic though without delving into someone else's intellectual property.

Anyway ---- yeah --- I listened to Lewis Capaldi before he was playing on the local Radio Station(s).

And Avril Lavigne just makes me happy, you know?

These are hints about what I learned on Children's TV today ----- I'm a fan that keeps the creators going.

Avril does make me happy ------- but Lewis Capaldi fits the mood better.

Yeah, it's weird ----- but to me, I feel like I'm likely personally the reason Lewis Capaldi is on Radio and that Greta Van Fleet became popular. There's an episode of a children's tv program that more or less explains how that works. I like what I like, and then that gives that creator a boost -  you know?

I literally started listening to these two musics when they were listed in "new music" in Apple Music. And now they are bigger names. Cool eh?

And Avril kept me going through tough parts in my life so I just love the heck out of her.

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