Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Current Health

 I first thought I would write about the decline in my own health I figure I'm experiencing.

But that wasn't totally interesting on its own.

But when I looked at my health versus my brother's health, I can make some interesting observations.

So::: My health.

Considering how much I've been ordering take out in the past month and how fat I'm getting --- yeah --- I'm not totally doing so well. I've taken a "wrong turn" in life I think.

But for the longest time I figured  Psychiatric medications caused weight gain --- which I think is something that's understood ----

but when I look at my brother and myself, something is not making sense on that topic.

So:::: mental health-wise I personally figure I'm closer to normal than my brother is right now.

My brother takes more psychiatric medication than I do.

I am more mobile while my brother doesn't do as much as I do. I get around while he can spend day after day just laying about.

But you know what's weird?

I'm fatter than he is.

He's got poorer health in at least a couple ways ---- but I'm the one who has got the weight problems, while his weight looks normal (for his height).

Yeah. That's the interesting thing I'm noticing.

Considering how we're living, you'd think our "weights would be switched" essentially.

But no --- I'm on less meds, my mental health is closer to normal, I'm more active and mobile ---- but I'm the one who is getting really fat.

But yeah ---- I feel like I'm turning into one o those guys who is always ordering take out and just seems to balloon. I feel like I'm doomed kind of.

But yeah ------ you would suspect my brother's lifestyle is less healthy, and yet his bodyweight looks more normal.

Weird huh?

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