Sunday, July 19, 2020

On The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Mammon

So::: I thought about my own life, and realized I had no idea that "Ye cannot serve both God and Mammon" was referring to God and Money ------ in my mind my understanding was that you can't serve God and the Devil ------ so sinning by drinking Coffee, for example, would stop you from serving God.

Why is this the way I remembered it? Didn't they teach me properly in Sunday School?

I did some research on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Edition of the scriptures I have sitting in a drawer ---- this is the previous edition I was looking at ---- the one that existed around 1990.

So:::: If you look in the TOPICAL GUIDE for "Mammon" ------ they DO in fact teach there that it is wealth or money being referred to.

So why the confusion?

I looked up a number of instances where Mammon is referred to in the scriptures.

None of these instances of the word Mammon in the actual text reference in the footnotes to the topical guide.

None of them.

SO:::: the Topical Guide had the definition of Mammon ----- but when you come across that word in your studies the footnotes would NEVER point you towards the topical guide.

So where did the footnotes point?

I found a D&C Scripture with the word "Mammon" in it ------ the scripture is very much like a New Testament Scripture except a number of things about it were changed.

SO:::: in the New Testament Scripture (Luke 16:9) it says you are supposed to make friends with the Unrighteous mammon so if you fail you can have a place to live.

The footnote reference for Mammon in Luke 16:9 leads to D&C 82:22 where you make friends with the unrighteous mammon so they don't destroy you.

A closer look at Luke 16 and D&C 82::::::

From reading Luke 16 you would understand that Mammon is in fact referring to worldly riches.

But from reading Section 82 of the D&C immediately before the reference to Mammon it says "shall be delivered over to the buffetings of Satan until the day of redemption...make unto yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness that they will not destroy you".

Yeah ----- so though the definition of Mammon to most people is, in fact, worldly riches ------

a quick look at D&C 82 and you'll see why I may have learned that Mammon was THE DEVIL

Some more interesting things to note:::::

D&C 42:72-73 teaches that the church pays their church leaders (historically, it's changed since then) ----- so yeah back in the early days your Godly Men were working for God and Mammon at the same time it looks like.

And in the Book of Mormon, we learn "When ye are in the service of your fellow man, ye are only in the service of your God"------ I don't remember any stipulations that money would or would not be involved with that service when I was taught this.

The ONE thing that might keep the church valid is this:::: I remember being taught by the Stake President about what he called "Service work".

There were no mentions of mammon or God or no mammon or anything --- no mention of mammon -----

He just had this thing he called "service work" that was understood to be work without pay.

He taught us to work without pay ----- but the word Mammon was never mentioned if I remember correctly.

So. yeah. It's kind of weird what we were growing up with.

The Definition of Mammon might've been changed a bit, the church has scriptures paying church leaders, and yeah ---- it was confusing.

Personally, shortly after I told the bishop I made a deal with God where I would serve God for the rest of my life,

The Bishop then turned around and said I made a deal with "the devil".

My Dad was the one who reminded me of this years ago, but yeah, I have some idea this is a true story::::

Notice how the Bishop contradicts my claims of working for God by saying I actually work for the Devil?

Nothing about money or mammon mentioned.

I'm pretty sure my desire to work for God came from "Choose you this day whom ye will cannot serve God and Mammon" --------

So yeah, I chose to serve God ------

The Bishop contradicts and says I serve the Devil --------

And yet there are STILL no references even at that time of Mammon meaning "riches" or "money".

Yeah, it's just weird how I chose to serve God and the bishop contradicted me telling me I actually serve Satan ------- and the word "mammon" is completely avoided and no references to riches or money are made.

What's weird is that the scriptures say we are supposed to be FRIENDS with the Unrighteous mammon ------ so it gets even weirder when the Bishop wouldn't let me be friends with Avril Lavigne.

I mean, Avril had a lot of Mammon ----- the scriptures even directly say I'm supposed to be friends with her --------

and yet the Bishop wouldn't let me be friends with her ------ even though he himself had accused me of making a deal with Satan just a couple years earlier.

Makes zero sense.

No wonder I'm mentally ill. The whole thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Actually::::: Being intelligent I have a habit of "over-analyzing" things ------- and I and my father have found that there are a LOT of things especially from the church that really don't make any sense --- but that's another story. One my Dad would like me to stop mentioning too.

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