Thursday, July 30, 2020

My New Favourite Linux Operating System

So, I'm mostly a Mac User. And I haven't really done much "Linux Distro Hopping" ----

But the Linux Mint on my Laptop was getting old, it needed to be replaced ---- so I decided to try a new Linux OS in a virtual machine, see if I like it, and then I eventually decided to install it on my Laptop Hardware.

The OS Is "PureOS".

I really like it.

I think it mostly does a better job of doing GNOME than Ubuntu 18 did (which is what I have installed on my NUC right now).

PureOS takes the stability of Debian and combines it with added privacy and security. Awesome.

Also::::: there's a version of the operating system for a Phone. It's supposedly simple compared to iOS or Android ----- but with enough time and backing PureOS for the phone will become more advanced I think.

PureOS likes keeping your information safe --------- and though nobody I know is at a technical level where they would be able to encrypt their emails, I heard the US might be planning to ban encryption --------- so though I haven't been able to encrypt much in my life, I personally think keeping encryption as a legal option is a good idea, I support encryption being legal personally.

I haven't done much encryption in my life, especially because people aren't really that tech-savvy, but personally, I'd keep encryption legal and lawful.

So yeah ---- without going into too much detail, PureOS is my new favourite Linux Operating System.

In other news::::::

I just think it's kind of strange how in all my 20+ years of researching The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that I never learned from their texts that "Mammon" is "Money".

I learned that Mammon is Money from a NON-Church source.

I mean, the church does teach "service work" and "selfless service" ------ but they never specify that Ye Cannot serve both God and Money.

They just don't mention that.

So though the church does have some good ideas (because those good ideas do exist) ---- it's obviously not totally perfect yet.

They like to tell people that their church is perfect, but really it's actually not perfect.

They have good ideas, but they do miss the mark and come up short in a number of ways.

Over 20 years of my life researching the religion and I never learn that Mammon actually means money.

Only an outside source could teach me that.

It just seems a little off. There might be reasons for it ------- but yeah ------ I can see the church tries to do some good, but it's clear they do miss the mark. Yeah.

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