Monday, July 13, 2020

Learning to not mention it

SO::::: Miracles are something I'm interested in.

I've had my tastes of miracles.

One miracle I enjoy is healing my right eye.

My right eye is or was a little short-sighted

Viewing things at long distance is or was blurry --- it was unclear.

Throughout the years, I have had experiences where my right eye would be healed. I would be able to see clearly with my right eye.

The problem is this:::: when my right eye is healed ---- I have a tendency to talk about it.

And for who knows what reason, shortly after I talk about it, the healing dissipates, meaning my eye is no longer as good as it once was.

I recently wrote into a Youtube Spiritual TV Programme again to tell them they seemed to have healed my right eye during the program. ---- on that day my right eye was actually seeing better than my good left eye.

I guess there really might be some kind of problem about me talking about these things because it's not very long after and I'm again observing my right eye isn't as healed as it was just a little while earlier.

It seems that simply by talking about the healing that the healing dissipates and wears off.

This has happened over and over and over again.

My right eye has been fixed on numerous occasions, but for some reason, after I talk about it some essence of the problem always seems to return.

Is it a magical reason? Or scientific? Or somehow both?


I know my right eye can be healed.

But I am observing that it degrades again after I talk about the healing. Yeah. Huh.

But ---- the good news is this::::

Just moments after writing the message to this TV show on Youtube about the healing,

I heard a thought in my head say something about a "restraining order". Yeah - telepathy again.

I thought maybe my reputation preceded me and for some reason, I might not be wanted around.

But I woke up this morning, checked my notifications and found that this Youtube TV Show's most recent episode is about Restraining Orders in the Courts of God.

The show is Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!.


I was healed again by the show, I mention it to the show, I get telepathic thoughts talking about restraining orders, the healing degrades a bit, and now their new most recent episode is about Heavenly Restraining orders.

yeah ---- there's some real Holy Spirit stuff going on there ------ I knew the topic of the next episode without the episode being released.

That's something in their favour.

But, as always, the right eye healing miracle never seems to totally 100% last.

Next time I get healed, I'll have to make sure I Just don't talk about it. Then maybe it'll stick around and keep me visual better and longer.

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