Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Irrational Temptation

I am so tempted.

To buy a new guitar.

There are reasons this is a bad idea.

But the reward centers in my brain tell me I want it.

So:::: things I could spend my money on:::

1) Helping my sister with her projects (long term and expensive).

2) Building a video game (short-medium term and a bit pricey).

3) If (1) fails I could use that money to maybe start an actual business, like a video game company, with more funding than a small project

4) I could buy this guitar.

This guitar is a big waste of money because I already, pretty much, have all the guitars I could need, and I'd have limited space in my house to put this guitar to store it,

but yeah ------ I enjoy guitar so much and this guitar looks so sweet that my brain just feels this great desire to have one.

The thing that got me to write this post is that the model name of this guitar is an "Epiphone Les Paul Special II".

What's so great about that name?

My Harmonica is a "Special 20".

Having a Special 20 and a Special II would seem like such a good thing, and it is really tickling my imagination and hopes to have both. Just fun you know?

Thing is:::: right now I have $500 of debt and it'll take a bit of time to pay that off.

It's just tickling my mind so much, this sweet guitar and how it matches my harmonica. And then how in a real-world sense it's just a bad idea.

It's an irrational temptation ---- it's a bad idea ----- but it's tempting.

UPDATE 3:02PM:::::

I just realized or remembered that there's also a handheld console expected to be released this year. I've wanted one since I found out about it.

All the things to spend money on ---- yet such little income from sales. Huh.

Anyway, this upcoming console, which is supposed to be limited in release quantities, is called the Play Date. You can find it at play.date <---- (that's a website URL).

yeah --- anywho ---- lots of things to spend money on, limited resources, and few sales.

I have an excuse to try to sell my games ------ but who knows, maybe people don't find them that interesting. Or something.

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