Monday, June 29, 2020

Upstairs Guitar

The first guitar I bought was a $130 Maestro by Gibson.

It's a beginner or starter guitar for a new player or learner.

A while back I discovered a problem:::: the F Sharp on the G String didn't sound right. I had no idea why.

I had put the guitar into storage in case someone else in my family or friend group wanted to eventually learn to play guitar.

But yesterday I found the only person in my family who had the slightest desire to learn wouldn't do it for a long time.

So I felt it would be OK to take my guitar to a Thrift Store just to get rid of it --- to attempt to follow Jesus' teaching to sell and give to the poor.

So last night I took the guitar out of storage.

I tuned it up.

And I attempted to play O Canada --- in order to demonstrate how the F Sharp of the G String was not working.

But ---- I quickly found the F Sharp DID work this time. I have no idea why.

So months ago I had no idea why the F Sharp wouldn't work.

And today I have no idea why it is now finally working properly.

I have no idea what caused the problem or the fix.

But ----- now that the guitar is functional, I see no need to get rid of it ------ and my Mom seems to be OK with this idea -------

So my once-broken but now-fixed [for no apparent reason] beginner guitar will now be my upstairs guitar.


It's just the strangest thing. It wouldn't work for no reason, and for no reason, it became fixed. No idea.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Not Much More to do it seems right now

For a little while I was feeling the urge to build the video game ---- but when I tried to get Unity to work on my Catalina Mac Mini, somehow the latest LTS version wouldn't install using the Unity Hub ---- so though maybe I could do it using a Linux virtual machine, I'm kind of leaning again towards saving my money for more important things than a video game.

So:::: on the video game business front, I don't see the point of making all the effort to waste my money. So no.

And then there's all those old psychological issues that I had for a very long time. Could I talk about that?

I thought about two of the topics I could discuss on that front, but then realized one of them is just a re-worded way of saying something I already said, while the other would dig up old issues that probably don't matter anymore.

The trend in my life over the past months seems to be headed towards this idea that I'm retiring now.

I may have released a new song ------ reactions to the song are mixed ------ some people enjoy it while other people don't really understand the entertainment value. There's a reason I charge 35 cents for that song ----- I actually don't want people to listen to it, but if they want to listen to it, then they have to give me 35 cents. Does that make sense?

Yes ---- it's weird ------ but I've actually figured out that I can actually stop people from viewing my materials just by putting on a price tag like that.

I have material that I want to publish, but I don't necessarily want everyone viewing it, so that's why it makes sense to have a price tag.

but yeah, my latest song pleases only maybe half the audience as I've learned so far.

But from the two sales it had, it had 7 views ----- which means it must've been pretty good for someone.

So::: maybe I could try making more music some time, but maybe then again I shouldn't. Maybe it doesn't matter.

Video games are a hassle and a waste of money ------ so I can ignore doing that for now.

I think I've worked though most of my psychological or church issues by now ------ so I don't totally see the point of digging that stuff up again or re-wording the same old things.

I guess I can talk about whatever is on my mind if I deem it worthy -------- but it sure is interesting to find out that if I have a topic I don't want people to hear but I do want to publish all I have to do is put on a price tag.

Either people don't buy much from me, or else someone like the government may have been garnishing my earnings for the past however long.

I can just enjoy living with my family and collecting my disability now it seems.

I just don't see what much more to do right now, besides write this blog post.

As for the upstairs guitar thing:::

I thought I could use having an upstairs guitar as a convenience as an excuse to get a new guitar ----

but no, that's not going to work.

I would like an upstairs guitar, but my mom is very opposed. And I understand that too. So I doubt I'll be buying anymore guitars. Unless my current guitar gets broken somehow, I guess.

Yup ---- I'm either on vacation or I'm finally retiring. Something like that. I just seem to be moving towards having nothing to do besides maybe helping my family with my Sister's projects.

I'm actually quite proud of my Sister for her efforts. I hope it works out for her.

I may not have liked her much when we were growing up, but most of the time I feel capable of following the church's teaching to forgive.

So, I'll just wait until I can game with my sister's brother-in-law again, and yeah, not much more to do or say.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Irrational Temptation

I am so tempted.

To buy a new guitar.

There are reasons this is a bad idea.

But the reward centers in my brain tell me I want it.

So:::: things I could spend my money on:::

1) Helping my sister with her projects (long term and expensive).

2) Building a video game (short-medium term and a bit pricey).

3) If (1) fails I could use that money to maybe start an actual business, like a video game company, with more funding than a small project

4) I could buy this guitar.

This guitar is a big waste of money because I already, pretty much, have all the guitars I could need, and I'd have limited space in my house to put this guitar to store it,

but yeah ------ I enjoy guitar so much and this guitar looks so sweet that my brain just feels this great desire to have one.

The thing that got me to write this post is that the model name of this guitar is an "Epiphone Les Paul Special II".

What's so great about that name?

My Harmonica is a "Special 20".

Having a Special 20 and a Special II would seem like such a good thing, and it is really tickling my imagination and hopes to have both. Just fun you know?

Thing is:::: right now I have $500 of debt and it'll take a bit of time to pay that off.

It's just tickling my mind so much, this sweet guitar and how it matches my harmonica. And then how in a real-world sense it's just a bad idea.

It's an irrational temptation ---- it's a bad idea ----- but it's tempting.

UPDATE 3:02PM:::::

I just realized or remembered that there's also a handheld console expected to be released this year. I've wanted one since I found out about it.

All the things to spend money on ---- yet such little income from sales. Huh.

Anyway, this upcoming console, which is supposed to be limited in release quantities, is called the Play Date. You can find it at <---- (that's a website URL).

yeah --- anywho ---- lots of things to spend money on, limited resources, and few sales.

I have an excuse to try to sell my games ------ but who knows, maybe people don't find them that interesting. Or something.