Monday, May 25, 2020

Trying to Figure Out my Plans

I'm trying to figure out exactly what I should be doing in my future.

A few of the factors involved with this are:

1) If people actually buy my games or not.

2) If the government may or may not be garnishing or taking what I earn.

3) Whether or not I will or will not need or someday have to help my Sister with what she's doing.

Looking at my situation ---- I'll just say that I could just "retire" if I had to or wanted to.

But, getting bored is no good, so doing things is fun.

Am I going to help my Sister with her project?

Or am I going to build a video game?

My Sister isn't committal that I will or will not help her ----- and neither are the video game sales a thing I really see going on (unless the government garnishes me) -------- so making a decision between the two is difficult.

The good news is that apparently, Mixamo is a very low-cost service --- as such making a video game becomes more possible for me.

Yes ----- I have an idea for a video game. It's just an idea ---- it would be something to do, which would probably be good.

If it's expensive, I wouldn't want to proceed. But Mixamo is cheap so maybe I have a chance.

It's just a matter of deciding what to do with finite resources, and not having all the information available to do so.

It's just really good news that Mixamo is so cheap ---- because that may help me go a long way to actually doing something again.

If Mixamo was pricey, that would be a big limiting factor.

Of course, none of this will happen right away ---- I plan on going into a bit of debt and then recovering from that debt over a bit of time.

None of this is immediate planning and I have lots of time to decide.

Off the top of my head ----- I'd say since my Sister initially rejected me and doesn't plan on needing my help, and since I have the resources, building a new video game (at my level of ability) is a possibility.

Getting paid would be nice, but it's also true that money is not too important these days. Money is sort of important ------- but I'm just going with an idea of Christian Ideology that money shouldn't exist, and is therefore not the be-all and end-all of existence.

Maybe I will try to build a game ----- and if my sister does need my help down the road, then she'll just have to kick herself for rejecting me for so long.

On a side note::::: I was thinking today about how accomplishing certain things in life always requires cooperation from a 3rd party.

Driving a car, living in a house ------- these are two activities that are nearly impossible to do all by yourself which almost always require some number of cooperative third parties to be involved.

Even though doing certain things in life require cooperation, for some reason my Sister repetitively refused to cooperate with me ever since she was very young ---- and even to this day she refuses my help/cooperating with me.

All the great and nice things we'd like to do with our lives require cooperation of any number of individuals.

So I'm just thinking about how it's a shame that so much I experienced growing up was defective behaviours in individuals ------- all those defective behaviours resulted in not-good things happening.

Yeah. Cooperation is pretty much essential to accomplish things, but even to this day my sister refuses my help or essentially refuses to cooperate with me.

It's no wonder things went so poorly for me when I was at an age to start my adult life.

Defective behaviours don't accomplish anything good.

People need to cooperate with each other in order to get good results.

So yeah::: it's just such a pity how defective people were in my childhood.

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