Thursday, May 14, 2020


The way I remember it, a few years ago Youtube showed me a video about the importance of Freedom of Speech.

And, remembering my life experiences, I thought surely there are certain things which really shouldn't be allowed.

And then Youtube started cracking down on inappropriate content.

I can understand cracking down on inappropriate content having grown up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ----- there are things they allow, and things they don't allow --- I grew up with such systems.

One reason I like LBRY is that it gives me greater freedom to talk about my life.

But, I still think there are limitations to speech because I'm relatively certain that if I repeated some things I heard in my life on LBRY that even LBRY wouldn't allow it.

So::: I like the freedom of LBRY ----- but I do recognize that some things that have been said are so wrong that I'm even thinking that not even LBRY would allow such things.

But on the note of the church policing media and what we say:::::

The church had rules about what media was allowed and what we could say ------

But every single time I had a complaint, all the church said is that we are required to forgive seventy times seven --- every single time I complained.

So::: though the church had rules, the rules were essentially meaningless because they couldn't be enforced.

I was thinking about how after I lost my friendship with someone I loved, I felt so very down and bad about it, and a church leader told me "All is fair in love and war".

If all really was fair in love and war, there are things which could have happened which never did -----

Basically, the church was trying to justify bad behaviour by telling me "all is fair" -----

but we all know that the courts don't see it that way --- heck, the church itself doesn't even operate that way.


So the church's vast set of rules were completely unenforceable because of forgiveness rules -----

while bad behaviour in marriage is allowed because "all is fair..."

But in actuality, we know the courts probably wouldn't go with that.

So yeah, this blog post is just me talking about how I do like LBRY because it gives me a platform, but even so, some of the things I've experienced in my life were so bad it's probably not even allowed on that platform ------

while explaining about how odd the church is with how they have rules that can't be enforced and then tell me "all is fair..." even though we know that won't turn out to be true anyways.

Yeah. Just confusing stuff I guess.

"All is fair..." is not a common phrase in the church, but it's a specific phrase that my church leader used on me because he probably realized how bad I was feeling.

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