Tuesday, May 26, 2020


I'm sitting here thinking about my options.

One part of my mind says:

Whatever the case is with sales or garnishing --- I simply don't make very much after all the work I've done. I might actually be richer just to retire.

Another part of me would kind of like to see the video game idea I have built -----

but the simple fact is that I'm not an expert or pro, I'm not an artist, and I may either do a really bad job, or I'll be spending all kinds of money for someone else's help.

I might actually be better off, I might actually be richer, to just retire. I might be better off to not work.

Working would cost money, especially as people don't seem to pay me for my products, so maybe I should just "retire".

I feel like I've accomplished pretty much or almost all the things I would want to do in my life besides buy my own home.

My chances of buying my own home are higher if I just save my money rather than spending money on projects which won't pay.

I've got time to think about it, it' all "up in the air" ----- I'm just blogging about what the different factors are in these things.

Yesterday I thought I'd build the game again, but today I feel myself leaning towards "retiring".

In order to really get somewhere, I would need more cooperation from people.

And, experience says cooperation is a difficult thing to find in a lot of cases.

So maybe I should just retire and live with what I have now.

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