Monday, May 25, 2020

Can't we live in harmony?

My sister has a project she's working on, a goal to work towards.

I like what she's doing and yesterday I offered my help to help her with what she's doing.

She rejected me initially.

Then a little while later after some thought she came back and still rejected me, but said maybe I could help if the need for it ever comes up.

One of the things I think the church was going for in families was some level of peace and harmony in family operations.

Families are supposed to be teams that work together.

Unfortunately, for a long time, and even to this day, my family may be getting by (things were bad, but they've gotten better over time) but we're still not in a state of being perfectly harmonious and having common goals and working together.

I have a book about business that says most businesses are small businesses, and most small businesses basically just hire family members.

Unfortunately, my family is not at that level yet --- not at the level to really run a family business with family working in the business.

We are STILL, more or less, "too dysfunctional".

I think it'd be great if we worked together for a common purpose or goal -----

But yeah, yesterday my sister rejected my proposal to help her with what she's doing.

Last night Youtube showed me a video about witchcraft.

The video said that there are families who are under curses that last for generations and generations.

I have to kind of wonder if my family is under one of those curses.

I mean ---- yeah ---- when I became "mentally ill", it was like a magical problem to me ----- as if it was caused by a malicious force, because it didn't totally make sense how I'd have those problems.

For my personal mental illness, for a long time, I've said that if the problem is "magical", that the problem would never be solved by a doctor who doesn't believe in magic.

So yeah:::: to this day my family still has problems, maybe it's a curse, and doctors who don't believe in magic aren't going to solve magical problems.

And that's what I have to report right now.

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