Sunday, May 31, 2020

An Email

A day or two ago I checked my SPAM Inbox and found an email talking about investing or investment money or something.

Such things often seem unreal, and my family is paranoid enough that we wouldn't believe in such things.

I personally feel peaceful about the idea of investment ---- but I don't know why.

I have my own project I'd like to work on, while at the same time wanting to help my sister with her project.

And AiSH Disability income is limited.

If there were really any investors in our family's efforts, I would have to warn that our mental health issues can be pretty bad.

As a child, my sister was probably one of my worst enemies. However, now as an adult, she's really impressive. So, I'm liking her more now.

But apart from her, my family has a long way to go before being reasonably healthy.

I would like to talk about my family's issues to give a better picture, but I don't feel I should.

I should just keep my family's issues to myself I think.

But yeah ---- there are reasons why investing in my family's efforts would be risky.

We do appear to be getting better over time, but it's a painfully slow process.

Personally, I may be receiving treatment and I may be improving so much -------

But until Jesus comes and physically heals me with his miraculous powers, I think even I will always be disabled.

I'm improving, and I'm getting better --- but part of my problem would pretty much require a miraculous healing to solve. I think so at least.

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