Wednesday, May 6, 2020

All Kinds of Experiences

Today I was thinking about how the church is considered a fraud.

And then I remembered a belief I had from church which I still pretty much believe.

And then I realized the church pretty much denied its own beliefs.

It's confusing.

And now I've been thinking about how I've had so many strange experiences since I received my patriarchal blessing::::


Is there a definitive difference between GHOSTS and HALLUCINATIONS

Or for scientific purposes are we just saying that GHOSTS ARE HALLUCINATIONS?

If Ghosts are hallucinations, then yes, I am very much schizophrenic.

If Ghosts are not the same as hallucinations ----- then the church was getting loopy with me by telling me I"d do X Y and Z and then putting me into psychiatry.

I'm not sure how effective I am as a human being anymore ------

But something was definitely effective in helping me experience some pretty strange stuff ------

And at that point, it depends on if Ghosts and hallucinations are the same things or not.

If Ghosts are considered to be hallucinations, then I very, very much deserve my schizophrenia diagnosis and all that.

But if Ghosts are not the same as hallucinations ----- then why I'm in psychiatry treatment is a less reasonable reason.

I'm pretty much a schizophrenic because I believed in the religion I was raised with.

I guess part of the fraud problem might involve how the church tells you to believe X Y and Z and then after a while, they suddenly change everything ----- so X Y and Z no longer apply and the same organization now does A B and C.

That might be a little fraudulent --- especially when they claim to be Jesus' Restored Church, but they obviously can't keep their own doctrine straight over the years, which obviously means they haven't really restored much of anything. Or something like that.

I feel like I'm finished talking now. The church made me schizophrenic, and then they changed their beliefs it seems.

I'll just mention that there seems to be this other problem in the church where the leaders may have a tendency to do the exact opposite of what the scriptures say ---- but that might be slightly off topic.

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