Thursday, April 30, 2020

It Must've Been the Orientation

When I wrote my last post about how the first two frets on my bass guitar didn't work - I discovered that from playing sitting down with my bass guitar situated in a non-normal fashion on my lap and belly --- it was kind of sideways.

Maybe gravity interacting with the vibration of the strings had something to do with the quality.

Today I grabbed my bass guitar again and played it standing up with the bass guitar oriented the way a performer would play it --- vertically rather than horizontally.

This time I got a much better sound.

The E and A string worked on all frets this time.

The D and G string worked on the second fret.

The only thing that seemed a bit off at this point was the D and G string on the first fret. And that was it.

It appears to be good now.


As for the economic part of yesterday's post::::

I started thinking::: what if I have done everything that I can to sell stuff?

What if there's literally nothing I can do to actually sell things?

What if people seriously just don't have money to spend on my products?

With all the massive amounts of debt that exist --- it definitely seems possible that don't see me as someone they should budget in.

So maybe I should just take a vacation. If it's just plain impossible for me to sell my work --- then why work?

And if it's true that the government takes what I earn and redistributes it to my disability program --- they hey, that's Christianity for you. I sold what I have and it went to the poor.

But I don't really know. It just seems like a possibility.

The church I grew up in taught a communal economic system that could be compared with communism ---- but the church insisted they were different from communism for some odd reason.

I guess there are just different flavours of such ideas or something.

But to be honest, when I think about it --- there are so many similarities ---- what to think?

Probably a big difference is just that we know the church is prone to huge mismanagement.

Anyway --- now I have nothing to say.

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