Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I guess you get what you pay for

In the guitar world, a $300 guitar is relatively a cheap one.

That's the price range of all my guitars, excluding my first guitar, the Maestro, which was only $130.

I found out what the problem was with the Maestro::: The F# on the G String wasn't right. I can't play O Canada very well now. So I put that guitar away into storage, to be taken out again when someone I know finally wants to learn.

My other acoustic guitar, the Epiphone, was a $300 guitar and it's actually really quite nice, there was only an issue with one of the tuning machines, and after I fixed that --- it's great.

My Squier Affinity Stratocaster, which is also ~$300, is actually a really, really nice guitar ---- no problems found there yet.

But my new Bass guitar. Another $300 guitar.

I found out why it's a cheap one yesterday.

The guitar is great, except, it seems for one fact::::: the first two frets are basically useless.

Playing the open strings sounds good, playing frets 3 and higher all sound good ----

But playing any string on the first two frets sounds very wrong. It doesn't work.

So, I got what I paid for. $300 was basically my budget for this purchase ---- but in the guitar world, that's actually quite cheap.

So::: maybe quality control would hopefully be better with a more expensive guitar.

It's taken me a.decade or more to get where I am financially today ----- if you believe that my earnings are taken by the government and then redistributed to the disability program I'm on ---- if that's what happens, it's taken me 10 years of work and several years of being disabled to get this far.

And all.I could budget for was a $300 bass guitar, at which price point there would be quality control issues.


I don't see my sales reports typically since the government probably takes what I earn---- but if I already earned millions and was only able to afford a $300 guitar ------- how much more do I need to earn in order to buy even better quality guitars? And my own house?

The reason I might suspect I might've already earned a whole lot isn't 100% certain information, but it is the information I have::::

Like, on Amazon I found a used copy of one of my books priced at 2.6million dollars. That was strange. One time.

And I got these emails a while back telling me a Japanese person wanted to buy me or something for a few million dollars ----- I'm not a corporation so that's essentially impossible and my parents thought it was a scam anyway -------- but I took the dollar figure of the offer, and did some calculations:::

I found that after taxes, take the remainder, divide it by 30 people who are all my age ---- and it turned out to basically be the same amount of money they increased my disability program by over the past few years.

Huge coincidence. How does a random "scam" email like that turn into a number that actually calculates and makes sense in the real world? Who knows.

But yeah ----- I may have already made my millions and was only able to afford a $300 bass guitar after about 10 years of work. Yeah.

But maybe that's just speculation::::

It's also possible I didn't make any money and only by the grace of the Alberta Government have I been able to afford anything at all. Yeah.

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