Thursday, April 9, 2020

Filling Out My Taxes

Kind of like how the bank offered me way too much to lend to me recently, I have another bit of mind-blowing news.

So, I've been doing my own taxes for a while now. Just a few years ---- a few years ago, I decided to stop doing it with my parents with their way of doing it and do it my own way.

Something has happened that has never happened as far as I can remember.

I entered the information for my 2019 tax year.

And yes, it's true that 2019 thus far was the best year ever (so far) for my disability program.

And who knows if it has something to do with how I've actually been trying to work.

But ---- yeah, something new has come up ----- I don't remember seeing this happening before for me::::

The tax program actually came back and told me I'm eligible for a tax refund this year in addition to the GST Credit.

Normally I just get the GST Credit.

But now, amazingly ----- somehow the calculator computed that the government actually owes me even more money now.

This is such surprising information that I decided not to send In my return yet ---- I have to show my Dad to let him help me examine if this is actually right.

It's a big surprise.

But yeah, AiSH was worth over 20k last year, and the Federal non-taxable portion of income is about 12k ------ so that leaves 8k of income that might mean something ------- and for years I donate to charity ------------ so now, supposedly, I may have something to show for it.

Yeah. I don't know if I fully understand ---- I often just fill out the numbers and let the computer do the rest.

So yeah ---- seeing a tax refund this year is really quite a surprise. I don't think it's ever happened before.

But yeah ----- I have to let my Dad examine this to make sure it's legit. Not that he and I would necessarily really know. Hah.

UPDATE 10 April 2020::::

I woke up this morning and looked closely at the tax return.

The tax program says I receive $444 in tax credits from the "Climate Action Incentive".

I looked up the Climate Action Incentive online ------- there's one thing that confuses me -----

They say you can claim only ONE Climate Action Incentive per household.

I live with my parents and brother, but I don't file my taxes with them. I am single with no dependents.

Yeah ---- all 4 of us live in one house ------ I file my taxes separately historically from the rest of them ----- but the rules say you can only have one Climate Action Incentive per household.

I think this might get confusing.

I'll have to think about it. And see what options my tax program gives me. Have a closer look.

Luckily, I have time. Hah.


So I found the place in my tax program where I was able to tell the program NOT to enrol me in the Climate Action Incentive.

So:::: no I'm NOT get a tax refund this year.

Just a GST Credit.

And then I filed my taxes.

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