Tuesday, April 14, 2020

An Opportunity to Forgive

I now have a bass guitar.

My bass guitar arrived today from a courier, purchased from a local guitar store.

The guitar itself is awesome. It's good.

I'm noticing another pattern:::: there seems to be a culture of things "going wrong" when ordering guitars online and having them shipped by courier.

The problem I'm experiencing with this current delivery is minor enough that I figure I might as well get some forgiveness points from Jesus and just forgive the situation -------

I'm thinking, maybe I just won't even say exactly what the situation is.

I'll just say that guitar orders don't get the same respect that most normal online orders get ----- this has happened more than once now ----------

but it's not really a big deal so I guess I might as well just forgive it. Get Jesus' forgiveness points.

And if I'm lucky maybe the situation will rectify itself.

Whether it solves itself or not ---------- I don't really have to worry about it ----- I'm going to be OK.

As for the bass guitar itself ----- and attempting to be a bassist -----

It's the most remarkable thing ----- Just about anything you play on the bass sounds good.

There's almost no way of going wrong on this instrument ----- it almost always seems to sound good.

SO:::: I took one of the nice "bass lines" I invented on the bass and tried the same thing on my Stratocaster --------- the nice-sounding bass tune sounds so much harsher on the 6 string.

On bass, it sounds awesome.

On the 6 string, it sounds just a lot ---- well, harsher, discordant.

Anyway --- yeah ---- Bass is awesome ----- Just about anything you play will end up sounding good.

My bass guitar has two pickups ------ a "precision" pickup and a "jazz" pickup.

Right now I have a preference for the precision pickup. Just my ears I guess.


I received word back from the Guitar Store.

I think everything's going to be OK.

At least one of the issues I found was actually not the courier's fault ---- it turns out that the guitar store likely just forgot to send one of the items I ordered.

So::: yeah, everything is now likely to be OK, great.

The guitar store will rectify the situation. Yay.


I guess I might as well add a comment on "anything you play sounds good on bass".

That comment was made because I tuned my bass a little bit wrong.

The standard tuning for a 4 String bass is E A D G.

I tuned mine to E A D E ------ I'm so used to having that one string tuned to high E on.a regular guitar it slipped my mind to tune it to G.

So:::: Yes ---- with what I was playing on EADE ---- almost anything seemed to sound good -----

But after realizing that I had wrongly tuned the high string as an E rather than a G ---- I retuned the high string to G ------

And it is a little bit more difficult to play something that sounds good now.

I'm still having fun though.

It's fun to experiment playing with my Strat and my Bass. yeah.

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