Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Potential Solution to the Mark of the Beast

1) I totally realize from all my studies that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ might have already happened a long time ago --- this message is directed towards the idea that we ourselves are going through the end times.

so:::: The Mark of the Beast, 666, a mark taken in the right hand or the forehead that allows one to buy and sell in the supposed world order to come.

I figured a solution.

So:::: the evil mark is taken in the RIGHT hand or the forehead right?

I humbly petition the powers of the world-to-be to allow the left hand to be used instead of the right.

If it is absolutely freakin' important for all of us to get RFID tags ------

Please allow the Christian community, if they are required, to use their LEFT hand ---- instead of the right hand.

I mean, the book of Revelations DID specify the right-hand right?

I suppose the left hand might be a loophole to the whole thing. Maybe. Just my thoughts.

But yes ----- I totally realize that much research has been done, and it's totally possible or even likely that the Book of Revelations is actually talking about a time long ago and that Jesus already came back.

I realize that.

But yeah ----- in the chance that the book of Revelations is for today's world::: I simply ask that if we are to be forced to take RFID chips that they can be planted in our left hands.

Solved that problem eh? :)

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