Thursday, April 30, 2020

It Must've Been the Orientation

When I wrote my last post about how the first two frets on my bass guitar didn't work - I discovered that from playing sitting down with my bass guitar situated in a non-normal fashion on my lap and belly --- it was kind of sideways.

Maybe gravity interacting with the vibration of the strings had something to do with the quality.

Today I grabbed my bass guitar again and played it standing up with the bass guitar oriented the way a performer would play it --- vertically rather than horizontally.

This time I got a much better sound.

The E and A string worked on all frets this time.

The D and G string worked on the second fret.

The only thing that seemed a bit off at this point was the D and G string on the first fret. And that was it.

It appears to be good now.


As for the economic part of yesterday's post::::

I started thinking::: what if I have done everything that I can to sell stuff?

What if there's literally nothing I can do to actually sell things?

What if people seriously just don't have money to spend on my products?

With all the massive amounts of debt that exist --- it definitely seems possible that don't see me as someone they should budget in.

So maybe I should just take a vacation. If it's just plain impossible for me to sell my work --- then why work?

And if it's true that the government takes what I earn and redistributes it to my disability program --- they hey, that's Christianity for you. I sold what I have and it went to the poor.

But I don't really know. It just seems like a possibility.

The church I grew up in taught a communal economic system that could be compared with communism ---- but the church insisted they were different from communism for some odd reason.

I guess there are just different flavours of such ideas or something.

But to be honest, when I think about it --- there are so many similarities ---- what to think?

Probably a big difference is just that we know the church is prone to huge mismanagement.

Anyway --- now I have nothing to say.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I guess you get what you pay for

In the guitar world, a $300 guitar is relatively a cheap one.

That's the price range of all my guitars, excluding my first guitar, the Maestro, which was only $130.

I found out what the problem was with the Maestro::: The F# on the G String wasn't right. I can't play O Canada very well now. So I put that guitar away into storage, to be taken out again when someone I know finally wants to learn.

My other acoustic guitar, the Epiphone, was a $300 guitar and it's actually really quite nice, there was only an issue with one of the tuning machines, and after I fixed that --- it's great.

My Squier Affinity Stratocaster, which is also ~$300, is actually a really, really nice guitar ---- no problems found there yet.

But my new Bass guitar. Another $300 guitar.

I found out why it's a cheap one yesterday.

The guitar is great, except, it seems for one fact::::: the first two frets are basically useless.

Playing the open strings sounds good, playing frets 3 and higher all sound good ----

But playing any string on the first two frets sounds very wrong. It doesn't work.

So, I got what I paid for. $300 was basically my budget for this purchase ---- but in the guitar world, that's actually quite cheap.

So::: maybe quality control would hopefully be better with a more expensive guitar.

It's taken me a.decade or more to get where I am financially today ----- if you believe that my earnings are taken by the government and then redistributed to the disability program I'm on ---- if that's what happens, it's taken me 10 years of work and several years of being disabled to get this far.

And all.I could budget for was a $300 bass guitar, at which price point there would be quality control issues.


I don't see my sales reports typically since the government probably takes what I earn---- but if I already earned millions and was only able to afford a $300 guitar ------- how much more do I need to earn in order to buy even better quality guitars? And my own house?

The reason I might suspect I might've already earned a whole lot isn't 100% certain information, but it is the information I have::::

Like, on Amazon I found a used copy of one of my books priced at 2.6million dollars. That was strange. One time.

And I got these emails a while back telling me a Japanese person wanted to buy me or something for a few million dollars ----- I'm not a corporation so that's essentially impossible and my parents thought it was a scam anyway -------- but I took the dollar figure of the offer, and did some calculations:::

I found that after taxes, take the remainder, divide it by 30 people who are all my age ---- and it turned out to basically be the same amount of money they increased my disability program by over the past few years.

Huge coincidence. How does a random "scam" email like that turn into a number that actually calculates and makes sense in the real world? Who knows.

But yeah ----- I may have already made my millions and was only able to afford a $300 bass guitar after about 10 years of work. Yeah.

But maybe that's just speculation::::

It's also possible I didn't make any money and only by the grace of the Alberta Government have I been able to afford anything at all. Yeah.

Friday, April 17, 2020

What do I believe?

So in my last post, I threw caution to the wind and just said we should get RFID tags in our left hands instead of our right hands ---- as if that was going to satisfy God better.

But this morning I was thinking about that, and then I realized I have a question about myself: what do I actually believe anyway?

On the surface, Christianity does actually look appealing.

On the surface, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints also looks appealing.

I grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and on the surface, their initial ideas and teachings were actually quite good, appealing.

In theory, the church was good.

In practice, not so much.

The problem is when you have a family member who completely misses the point of baptism or repentance or choosing the right.

Have any idea how frustrating it is to try to indoctrinate a young mind with good behaviour ideology and somehow those ideas never take hold In that brain? And yet that individual still goes to the temple anyway?

Yeah, it's frustrating.

Another thing::::

I no longer attend church, so in truth I wouldn't know what they talk about anymore::::

But for the years of my life, I did spend going to church, I noticed something:::::

The GOLDEN RULE was discussed only briefly, only in Primary (the class for the young children).

When you grow up, everyone, including the teachers, completely seems to forget about the Golden Rule.

In fact, since primary, I heard the Golden Rule mentioned ONCE ----- and it had been changed.

The Golden Rule as I learned it when I was a child was "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

The one time I heard it mentioned when I had grown up they changed it to "He who has the gold makes the rules".

Yeah ------ we've completely missed the point somewhere.

In Primary they taught that rule ------ and it made all the sense in the world. But grow up and you'll see they've completely forgotten about it.

It's like bait and switch.

The thing is, however, that the Golden Rule is like the or a basis of all morality ------ so it's really strange when you are in a morality organization that completely forgets about the basis of the whole thing.

So:::: what do I believe anyway?

On the surface, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints looked good, but in practice, it wasn't right and it didn't work.

I have some level of belief in Christianity ----- but I'm not really united with any group. I just do my own thing.

So::: The Church I grew up in looked good, but in practice, they failed.

There are all these different flavours of Christianity ---- who knows ------ and if history is any indication, it might look good on the surface, but it could very easily fail anyways.

I'm not an atheist ------- I guess I'm just an individual. I do my own thing, I think my own thoughts, with influences from others. But I'm not really part of any group.

But I do think Jesus had some good ideas, so I'm basically some form of non-denominational Christian I guess.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Potential Solution to the Mark of the Beast

1) I totally realize from all my studies that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ might have already happened a long time ago --- this message is directed towards the idea that we ourselves are going through the end times.

so:::: The Mark of the Beast, 666, a mark taken in the right hand or the forehead that allows one to buy and sell in the supposed world order to come.

I figured a solution.

So:::: the evil mark is taken in the RIGHT hand or the forehead right?

I humbly petition the powers of the world-to-be to allow the left hand to be used instead of the right.

If it is absolutely freakin' important for all of us to get RFID tags ------

Please allow the Christian community, if they are required, to use their LEFT hand ---- instead of the right hand.

I mean, the book of Revelations DID specify the right-hand right?

I suppose the left hand might be a loophole to the whole thing. Maybe. Just my thoughts.

But yes ----- I totally realize that much research has been done, and it's totally possible or even likely that the Book of Revelations is actually talking about a time long ago and that Jesus already came back.

I realize that.

But yeah ----- in the chance that the book of Revelations is for today's world::: I simply ask that if we are to be forced to take RFID chips that they can be planted in our left hands.

Solved that problem eh? :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

An Opportunity to Forgive

I now have a bass guitar.

My bass guitar arrived today from a courier, purchased from a local guitar store.

The guitar itself is awesome. It's good.

I'm noticing another pattern:::: there seems to be a culture of things "going wrong" when ordering guitars online and having them shipped by courier.

The problem I'm experiencing with this current delivery is minor enough that I figure I might as well get some forgiveness points from Jesus and just forgive the situation -------

I'm thinking, maybe I just won't even say exactly what the situation is.

I'll just say that guitar orders don't get the same respect that most normal online orders get ----- this has happened more than once now ----------

but it's not really a big deal so I guess I might as well just forgive it. Get Jesus' forgiveness points.

And if I'm lucky maybe the situation will rectify itself.

Whether it solves itself or not ---------- I don't really have to worry about it ----- I'm going to be OK.

As for the bass guitar itself ----- and attempting to be a bassist -----

It's the most remarkable thing ----- Just about anything you play on the bass sounds good.

There's almost no way of going wrong on this instrument ----- it almost always seems to sound good.

SO:::: I took one of the nice "bass lines" I invented on the bass and tried the same thing on my Stratocaster --------- the nice-sounding bass tune sounds so much harsher on the 6 string.

On bass, it sounds awesome.

On the 6 string, it sounds just a lot ---- well, harsher, discordant.

Anyway --- yeah ---- Bass is awesome ----- Just about anything you play will end up sounding good.

My bass guitar has two pickups ------ a "precision" pickup and a "jazz" pickup.

Right now I have a preference for the precision pickup. Just my ears I guess.


I received word back from the Guitar Store.

I think everything's going to be OK.

At least one of the issues I found was actually not the courier's fault ---- it turns out that the guitar store likely just forgot to send one of the items I ordered.

So::: yeah, everything is now likely to be OK, great.

The guitar store will rectify the situation. Yay.


I guess I might as well add a comment on "anything you play sounds good on bass".

That comment was made because I tuned my bass a little bit wrong.

The standard tuning for a 4 String bass is E A D G.

I tuned mine to E A D E ------ I'm so used to having that one string tuned to high E on.a regular guitar it slipped my mind to tune it to G.

So:::: Yes ---- with what I was playing on EADE ---- almost anything seemed to sound good -----

But after realizing that I had wrongly tuned the high string as an E rather than a G ---- I retuned the high string to G ------

And it is a little bit more difficult to play something that sounds good now.

I'm still having fun though.

It's fun to experiment playing with my Strat and my Bass. yeah.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Filling Out My Taxes

Kind of like how the bank offered me way too much to lend to me recently, I have another bit of mind-blowing news.

So, I've been doing my own taxes for a while now. Just a few years ---- a few years ago, I decided to stop doing it with my parents with their way of doing it and do it my own way.

Something has happened that has never happened as far as I can remember.

I entered the information for my 2019 tax year.

And yes, it's true that 2019 thus far was the best year ever (so far) for my disability program.

And who knows if it has something to do with how I've actually been trying to work.

But ---- yeah, something new has come up ----- I don't remember seeing this happening before for me::::

The tax program actually came back and told me I'm eligible for a tax refund this year in addition to the GST Credit.

Normally I just get the GST Credit.

But now, amazingly ----- somehow the calculator computed that the government actually owes me even more money now.

This is such surprising information that I decided not to send In my return yet ---- I have to show my Dad to let him help me examine if this is actually right.

It's a big surprise.

But yeah, AiSH was worth over 20k last year, and the Federal non-taxable portion of income is about 12k ------ so that leaves 8k of income that might mean something ------- and for years I donate to charity ------------ so now, supposedly, I may have something to show for it.

Yeah. I don't know if I fully understand ---- I often just fill out the numbers and let the computer do the rest.

So yeah ---- seeing a tax refund this year is really quite a surprise. I don't think it's ever happened before.

But yeah ----- I have to let my Dad examine this to make sure it's legit. Not that he and I would necessarily really know. Hah.

UPDATE 10 April 2020::::

I woke up this morning and looked closely at the tax return.

The tax program says I receive $444 in tax credits from the "Climate Action Incentive".

I looked up the Climate Action Incentive online ------- there's one thing that confuses me -----

They say you can claim only ONE Climate Action Incentive per household.

I live with my parents and brother, but I don't file my taxes with them. I am single with no dependents.

Yeah ---- all 4 of us live in one house ------ I file my taxes separately historically from the rest of them ----- but the rules say you can only have one Climate Action Incentive per household.

I think this might get confusing.

I'll have to think about it. And see what options my tax program gives me. Have a closer look.

Luckily, I have time. Hah.


So I found the place in my tax program where I was able to tell the program NOT to enrol me in the Climate Action Incentive.

So:::: no I'm NOT get a tax refund this year.

Just a GST Credit.

And then I filed my taxes.