Thursday, March 19, 2020

Prescription Renewed

Yesterday I posted a bit of speculation I had that the psychiatric clinic was going to let me off my psychiatric med, especially because I had no current prescription at that time and for a sustained period there was no prescription.

Word came in today, which is the next day, that I do have a prescription for the same stuff now finally.

so::: no luck, I'm still on the med.

At least I can chat with the doctor ----- it's nice to have someone to talk to.

And also::: there are newly found reasons why the psychiatric med might be a good thing::::

Essentially, if people are trying to make me happy (with the meds) ---- that must mean I'm a good person. Yeah.

That stems from The Book of Mormon teaching that wickedness never was happiness.

So if I'm happy, I must, therefore, be a righteous man.

But it was weird how people wanted to make me happy but at the same time, the Bishop wouldn't allow me to become an elder. Yeah, weird ----- things not totally making sense, or things not totally making sense in everyone's minds.

If I'm a bad person, then why try to make me happy?

And if I'm a good person, then why prevent me from becoming an elder?

Something to think about.

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