Monday, March 16, 2020

Kind Words

I just wrote an email to my psychiatric clinic telling them I'm more sheltered as an adult than I was as a kid.

And I've noticed the kindness I've received online is actually quite uplifting to me. Thanks.

When I was a kid ----- most of the comments I heard were full of negativity ----- and I didn't like it.

In recent days I've received some positive commentary and I have to say --- that is really quite nice to hear kind things coming my direction. It makes me actually enjoy living.

I've realized that the potential immunosuppressive therapy I might end up taking is actually an opportunity to kill myself.

When I was younger, I probably would've welcomed the opportunity.

These days, life has become more bearable, even pleasant, and I'm mostly recovered from my childhood now.

I'm not suicidal anymore, even with life's current problems,

but I'm now looking at the Immunosuppressive MS therapy as an opportunity to potentially kill myself ----- and I realize I would have accepted that years ago.

Would dying be a good thing? In my mind, there is some possibility it might actually be a good thing,

but I'm enjoying life more now so I don't see why I would want to totally do that.

But yeah ----- one of those things that makes life pleasant is the positive commentary, the commentary that's not riddled with undeserved criticism.

And that has helped me enjoy life more.


My childhood was full of negative comments, and both I and my brother ended up wanting to kill ourselves.

But positive comments are actually pleasant to receive. Yeah. I can relate to my younger self, but that's not my situation anymore. Huh.

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