Saturday, March 21, 2020

It Seemed Illegitimate

A couple days ago our home phone received a call the call display sad was "US MEGA MILLION".

There was an appliance at the time of the answering machine message, so I just got some vague idea that we supposedly won something.

But here's the problem:::::

We are Canadian.

We are in Canada.

We don't play USA Lotteries. I haven't visited the US for a very long time.

And even if the prize was real::: the borders are closing down anyway.

Such a phone call can really play with your hopes and dreams.

But to my parents, who already deleted the answering machine message before I could get a better listen, it doesn't seem legitimate. It seems like a scam. It just doesn't make sense.

To me, in my delusional mind, I'm wondering if my PayDay is finally here ---- if I've finally struck gold karmically with all the work I've done.

Money isn't everything, especially when you already have enough to live well.

Our family is living a good life right now - we have everything we need, and we're pretty comfortable.

If I acquired a sum of money big enough, that would allow me to buy my own home, Start my own family, and broaden my horizons.

If anything I could further my business with more money ---- I might find something more to work on.

But, money isn't everything, and I realize my family is doing well enough with what we already have.

And yeah, it just plays with my hopes and dreams to finally acquire a big prize.

But our Canadian home winning a USA lottery doesn't seem realistic --- not really ----- message already deleted.


As a side note, I'm going to explain a little about my view of Canadian Politics::::

My Dad is very staunchly conservative. But I think he should lighten up.

In my personal view, all major Canadian Political Parties have good ideas, and have contributed good things to our Country.

Conservatives implemented Tax-Free Savings Accounts and made Bullying Illegal.

The New Democratic Party thought up Universal Health Care and $15 minimum wage.

Though debatable, the Liberals enforced gun control laws which may have saved my life, as well as implemented anti-misgendering laws, which on the whole I think are a good idea, more or less.

There. I was able to come up with TWO THINGS from each major party which I see as good ideas and good contributions to Canadian society.

I think all the major parties have had good ideas ------- so though I was very politically minded since I was very young, maybe it is just better for me to fade off into a vague sense of political neutrality ---- basically because I see all the parties having good things to bring to the table.

Although, I personally believe "everyone is free" right now ---- which would vaguely indicate Liberalism. Not Libertarianism either, but Liberalism, the one that helps poor people.

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