Saturday, March 7, 2020

I realized something astounding

This morning I was looking at my prepaid card in my online banking when I realized that if I tweaked my budget, I WOULD be able to pay the interest on that huge card the bank offered me.

But the interest is so big that the amount of principal I'd be paying would be small enough I might end up being in debt for the rest of my life unless someone actually paid me for my games and books and music.

SO::: I COULD afford that debt ----- but I'd be in debt for a very long time, with my only chance of getting out being people actually paying me for my work -- which hasn't been a huge thing yet.

And maybe the government takes my excesses from me. Just a guess though.

That kind of debt or even temptation to get into debt isn't worth it, especially when::::

I was thinking about what exactly it is I would want to buy.

I realize I am well taken care of, I have everything I need to live.

I might want to buy a guitar, but I already have guitars so there's little point.

A new laptop might be nice, but I already have a laptop, which I barely use right now ---- so there's no point.

I have everything I need to live my life.

The only things I don't have are a house and my own family. There's only some chance that'd ever happen, but I don't think that credit card would get me there.

I don't have my own vehicle ----- but with the income I do have, it is conceivable that I might be able to buy one someday. If I want to spend that kind of money.


1) I would actually be able to afford that huge card the bank offered, but I'd be living with that debt forever until people actually paid me for the work I do. I haven't been paid much so far.

2) I'm well enough taken care of I can't think of anything I really need to buy. I think all my needs are accounted for ----- and if I save my money, then I can get some extra.

Yeah. Just an update.

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