Monday, March 16, 2020

A Comment on this Blog

I received a thoughtful comment that praised me for the good work I do on my blog.

There were several links in the comment.

They linked to Youtube videos that weren't really related to my content and seemed questionable as such.

So, thank you for your compliment, but the linked content wasn't relevant, so I deleted the post.

In today's news for me:::

I talked to my Mom today about how if people believed in God and Miracles more, then we'd see more miracles happen, and then all this worry about the pandemic wouldn't even exist.

I wrote an email to a clinic today explaining the miraculous nature of reality as I've found it, and how a certain medical treatment seems unnecessary.

If God can take care of me and heal me ----- why would expensive medical treatments be necessary?

Of course, my Mom, who is a devout Church attendee, responded with something about how God has inspired people to make all these medications at that we are expected to use them for the purposes God inspired.

To me, that doesn't add up ------ people make medications to make money.

Medications can be dangerous.

And if God can heal all, medications shouldn't be necessary.

If a person is healed miraculously of their cancer, why would they then proceed with chemotherapy anyways? I mean --- come on, accept the healing, give up on the treatment.

There might be a point where God has miraculously healed you, and you should realize that medical treatment is unnecessary.


If more people accepted God and Miracles, maybe more Miracles would happen ----- and if Jesus came back to earth, the whole world would be changed.

Saying you need miraculous healing and medical treatment at the same time doesn't make sense to me.

I mean, you can take the treatment until healing occurs,

but if you are miraculously healed of your cancer, you shouldn't have to keep going with chemotherapy.

How this relates to me is this::::::

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

But to be honest, my MS is so mild that treatment doesn't seem completely necessary.

I've gone for a good long time now without treatment and only had two or three days where I needed to walk with a cane.

When I became blind in my left eye, I repented to God and asked for healing.

I stayed blind until I saw the opthalmologist for the problem.

It was only the day that I visited the opthalmologist that my eyesight was made whole again.

It's because of that eyesight problem that I'm even in the MS clinic.

But to me, the simple fact that I was blind up to the very last second before I met the opthalmologist indicates to me that God is in complete control,

and as my MS is so mild, immunosuppressive therapy seems like a really bad idea.

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