Sunday, February 2, 2020

My Evaluation of the Trial Run

So::: it's been a while, I've made several blog posts on LBRY --- what do I think?

Only a few of you seem to have taken interest in the new blog (which makes me wonder how many of you are robots).

BUT ---- I actually get paid in fake money on my new blog, whereas I get very little to nothing from this blog.

BUT --- I enjoy making posts on this blog and seeing Youtube respond with relevant related content. Youtube responding to my writing has been a very cool feature for me --- I've learned so much.

This is how I think I'm going to work it::::

I will use different types of posts for different types of things on my mind.

My biggest ideas, my "aha!" moments, will be turned into LBRY videos.

My big news stories, such as things that have happened and everything that's "important" but not important enough for a video, will be put on the LBRY channel @KrisAttfieldBLOG.

So::: what about this blog? I think I still have a use for it:::: all the small stuff on my mind that I feel I want to share with the world.

The reason I might have small things on my mind that I want to share with the world is because sometimes I just have thoughts or feelings that no one is really going to care about, which aren't worth writing blog posts over or sending email about, but it is on my mind and I want to say it.

An example is this:::


It's 2:40AM right now, I just spent this early morning learning a new piece of music on my harmonica. So much fun. I enjoy it so much. I really recommend learning an instrument. Besides my niece, I'm probably the first member of my family who became really musical ---- and it's been wonderful.


That's a true story, and it's also the kind of post I think I would post on this blog::: things I want people to know about, but things that people probably don't care about.

Things I want to say but are not really that important. That's what I think this blog will be for.

For bigger news stories there's my LBRY channel @KrisAttfieldBLOG.

For my biggest ideas or "aha!" moments, there's videos on @KrisAttfield on LBRY.

And for selling video games there's @KrisAttfieldGAMES on LBRY.


I wrote this blog post to give my current evaluation, and to say I still have some use for this blog, as well as give an example of the kind of thing I would still post on this blog.

It's just so good, I've found it very useful, to post something here and see what Youtube has to say on the topic. I've really enjoyed that.

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