Monday, February 17, 2020

I Feel Tired

I don't know if I'm just feeling tired or if what I'm feeling is comparable to exhaustion --- but I've been wanting to have game days with a friend, but realize I might be feeling too worn out for the event.

Apparently, he feels worn out too ---- so we don't.

This website received hundreds of visits in the past few days ----- but the View Count on my new song on LBRY remains at 26.

LBRY is probably the one venture I've taken that's come close to being profitable ----- but despite hundreds of visitors to this website, somehow they don't take interest in my new song on LBRY like I would have hoped.

Or else, which is possible, LBRY's method of counting views isn't 100% reliable. And this may totally be the case.

But yeah ------- After all those videos on LBRY, my latest tally tells me I made about $176CAD total on the platform. That's a few days or weeks old and depends on the value of LBC.

All that work for that much money. It's encouraging because it's the best I've done pretty much ever ----

but considering how many people seem to be ignoring my new song, I think that may explain why I'm feeling tired.

All those videos for $176CAD, and though I've gotten over 10 new subscribers in the past day, none of them actually appear to have clicked on anything, strangely enough.

I guess it's starting to wear me out.

Who knows how long I'll keep doing this.

There is so much content on LBRY now, I can't help but feel my voice is getting lost in a sea of voices.

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