Friday, February 21, 2020

I Am Well Taken Care Of

I'd like to thank the world for taking such good care of me, generally speaking.

My childhood wasn't the greatest, but more or less I think society has managed to put me back together in my adulthood.

All my needs are taken care of. I am usually happy, I am usually healthy (more or less), and I even realize that I may have hit what can pretty much be referred to as a glass ceiling in life.

Youtube is great, for watching, in my eyes. I like watching Youtube.

But with things like COPPA going on, posting to Youtube is much less desirable a thing to do.

Posting to LBRY is a whole lot easier and more stress-free. LBRY makes lots of sense in a lot of ways.

But I love watching Youtube. I think Youtube provides great content and I've really enjoyed it over the years.

Posting to LBRY is pretty straightforward and stress-free, especially when you don't have to worry about COPPA.

It only makes sense that I have a platform I can post to where I don't have to worry about COPPA. That's my opinion::: if I want to post, I shouldn't have to worry about COPPA, so LBRY is great.

But yeah, I think I've hit a glass ceiling on LBRY too.

It is well known that LBRY doesn't keep track of everything that happens on their system. They really respect privacy.

Therefore, I easily don't see all the views I may have gotten. Under the LBRY system, I could have 300 views on my content, but only have 4 of them reported:::: and this is known and well documented as a possibility.

As such, with my content already ranked pretty highly in trending, ranked higher than most people's content:::: I've pretty much hit the glass ceiling.

I already realize that most people don't see the point of giving me money, but LBRY I think also may not see the point of giving me more money especially with how I already rank pretty well with what I already have::::

So yeah, my earnings have slowed to pretty much a trickle again.

Sure, I would like to buy a house, but I don't NEED a house, especially when so many people are always ranked below me ------- especially when there's very limited market capitalization to LBRY Credits ------------

So I guess I just have to accept that I'm living pretty much a good and happy life now, and there's very little more for me to achieve financially, other than to just do more content if I ever feel like it or get creative enough. I know I can't expect to get paid either.

I guess I'm good in life. I have everything I need and then some.

I do actually kind of wonder what more I could do in life, and I have a realization that I can't expect to get paid.

That is actually a very happy thing.

Wanting to do more with little expectation of payment. That is good.

It's just a matter of finding things to do, which is more difficult when I've never learned to drive a car.

I guess I'm just happy again. Happy to be doing well, happy to have hit "the top".

The top isn't really that high, but I've hit it, so I'm happy with that.

The only things I could really want more which I don't have at my level are::: my own vehicle, my own house, and my own family.

Those are the only things I don't really have now. And maybe it doesn't matter that I don't have them::: I can be happy without them.

I was thinking about all kinds of things about my life today, looking back and noticing how long it took me to achieve my current state of well-being -------

And I realized that my childhood was adverse enough that I need a place like LBRY to talk, and even then I think I have to be careful of what I say anyways, even on such a platform.

But talking about it on Youtube, I'm not certain, but I wouldn't go there with all the stuff that goes on there.

Youtube is great for watching, and LBRY is great for posting. I just shouldn't have to put up with COPPA when I post.

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