Sunday, February 9, 2020

A Note on my Happiness

So, like I said in my previous post::: Things I feel like saying which aren't that important.

I just finished watching some Youtube.

I feel so happy and contented with my life.

I came up with a reason in the past week or so to stay on my Psychiatric Medication:::

Initially, when I first saw the doctor, the goal was to make me happy again.

Well, The Book of Mormon says "Wickedness never was happiness".

If people are trying to make me happy,

and I do feel happy with my life,

Then that must mean I'm not a sinner, according to that Book of Mormon quote.

I do try to be a good person.

But if righteousness and happiness are a binary value versus wickedness and sadness -----

Considering people wanted me to be happy, I guess I'm a righteous man then.

It does get confusing how the church would reject me from progressing in the priesthood if the desire for happiness actually indicates righteousness --------

But hey, I've now understood that appearances can be deceiving, so therefore in all likelihood, the church was meant to be "The perfect place for imperfect people".

Yeah, it's confusing::::

The church claimed to be a place of high standards.

And the perfect place for imperfect people.

That is a confusing thing, but I've realized now that the church gives priority to those who struggle to be good and gets rid of those who actually do that which is good,

So, therefore, the church might actually be a good place for imperfect people.

Therefore if I'm not a sinner, then the church isn't for me.

If wicked people are always unhappy,

then my happiness must mean I'm righteous.

The church is for the imperfect, which means they turfed me when I achieved a good state.

That's the best way I can understand it.

(Right now Grammarly tells me I sound sad --- which is weird because I am actually happy. I feel so contented. And now that I've written this, that emotion icon has disappeared. Huh).

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