Friday, February 28, 2020

I've written a new song

I sat down with my guitar and wrote a new song today.

I'm going to wait and see about a certain situation in my life before I release it.

It's a song about Perceptions of Prescription Drugs.

Before I release the song, I'm going to see what a certain clinic says about what treatment path I'll take.

The situation is like this::::

I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

I was preparing to take a certain kind of drug, an immunosuppressant as treatment.

But Coronavirus has made it abundantly clear that weakening my own immune system is probably a really bad idea.

Right now I'm going to see if I can try a different treatment that behaves a little differently.

This other treatment was previously suggested but I had probably unjustified prejudice against it.

So now I'm willing to try it::: it seems like a much better plan.

So:::: we'll see how long it takes to get things straightened out at the MS clinic ---------

but if everything works as I'm guessing it could work, I won't be required to take the immunosuppressant and I can do one of the original drugs they suggested.

The clinic said they would actually never force me on any medication, which is good, and though my MS is pretty mild, I think it would be a good idea to get treatment for it anyway.

I could go without the meds, but I'm willing to give a certain drug a try.

I'm just waiting on information about that situation before I release my song on Perceptions of Prescription Drugs.

Friday, February 21, 2020

I Am Well Taken Care Of

I'd like to thank the world for taking such good care of me, generally speaking.

My childhood wasn't the greatest, but more or less I think society has managed to put me back together in my adulthood.

All my needs are taken care of. I am usually happy, I am usually healthy (more or less), and I even realize that I may have hit what can pretty much be referred to as a glass ceiling in life.

Youtube is great, for watching, in my eyes. I like watching Youtube.

But with things like COPPA going on, posting to Youtube is much less desirable a thing to do.

Posting to LBRY is a whole lot easier and more stress-free. LBRY makes lots of sense in a lot of ways.

But I love watching Youtube. I think Youtube provides great content and I've really enjoyed it over the years.

Posting to LBRY is pretty straightforward and stress-free, especially when you don't have to worry about COPPA.

It only makes sense that I have a platform I can post to where I don't have to worry about COPPA. That's my opinion::: if I want to post, I shouldn't have to worry about COPPA, so LBRY is great.

But yeah, I think I've hit a glass ceiling on LBRY too.

It is well known that LBRY doesn't keep track of everything that happens on their system. They really respect privacy.

Therefore, I easily don't see all the views I may have gotten. Under the LBRY system, I could have 300 views on my content, but only have 4 of them reported:::: and this is known and well documented as a possibility.

As such, with my content already ranked pretty highly in trending, ranked higher than most people's content:::: I've pretty much hit the glass ceiling.

I already realize that most people don't see the point of giving me money, but LBRY I think also may not see the point of giving me more money especially with how I already rank pretty well with what I already have::::

So yeah, my earnings have slowed to pretty much a trickle again.

Sure, I would like to buy a house, but I don't NEED a house, especially when so many people are always ranked below me ------- especially when there's very limited market capitalization to LBRY Credits ------------

So I guess I just have to accept that I'm living pretty much a good and happy life now, and there's very little more for me to achieve financially, other than to just do more content if I ever feel like it or get creative enough. I know I can't expect to get paid either.

I guess I'm good in life. I have everything I need and then some.

I do actually kind of wonder what more I could do in life, and I have a realization that I can't expect to get paid.

That is actually a very happy thing.

Wanting to do more with little expectation of payment. That is good.

It's just a matter of finding things to do, which is more difficult when I've never learned to drive a car.

I guess I'm just happy again. Happy to be doing well, happy to have hit "the top".

The top isn't really that high, but I've hit it, so I'm happy with that.

The only things I could really want more which I don't have at my level are::: my own vehicle, my own house, and my own family.

Those are the only things I don't really have now. And maybe it doesn't matter that I don't have them::: I can be happy without them.

I was thinking about all kinds of things about my life today, looking back and noticing how long it took me to achieve my current state of well-being -------

And I realized that my childhood was adverse enough that I need a place like LBRY to talk, and even then I think I have to be careful of what I say anyways, even on such a platform.

But talking about it on Youtube, I'm not certain, but I wouldn't go there with all the stuff that goes on there.

Youtube is great for watching, and LBRY is great for posting. I just shouldn't have to put up with COPPA when I post.

Monday, February 17, 2020

I Feel Tired

I don't know if I'm just feeling tired or if what I'm feeling is comparable to exhaustion --- but I've been wanting to have game days with a friend, but realize I might be feeling too worn out for the event.

Apparently, he feels worn out too ---- so we don't.

This website received hundreds of visits in the past few days ----- but the View Count on my new song on LBRY remains at 26.

LBRY is probably the one venture I've taken that's come close to being profitable ----- but despite hundreds of visitors to this website, somehow they don't take interest in my new song on LBRY like I would have hoped.

Or else, which is possible, LBRY's method of counting views isn't 100% reliable. And this may totally be the case.

But yeah ------- After all those videos on LBRY, my latest tally tells me I made about $176CAD total on the platform. That's a few days or weeks old and depends on the value of LBC.

All that work for that much money. It's encouraging because it's the best I've done pretty much ever ----

but considering how many people seem to be ignoring my new song, I think that may explain why I'm feeling tired.

All those videos for $176CAD, and though I've gotten over 10 new subscribers in the past day, none of them actually appear to have clicked on anything, strangely enough.

I guess it's starting to wear me out.

Who knows how long I'll keep doing this.

There is so much content on LBRY now, I can't help but feel my voice is getting lost in a sea of voices.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

I've Released New Music

I guess I might as well mention this here too:::

I've released a new song called "Don't Play with Plastic Bags" on LBRY on my main @KrisAttfield channel.

The lyrics version is free.

The instrumental version costs 90 cents worth of LBRY Credits.

For an early attempt to compose, and in such a short period of time, I think I did a pretty good job.

Check it out!

LBRY dot com is where you can find a client to view the material.

Or you can visit LBRY dot TV for the web-based version of the service.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

A Note on my Happiness

So, like I said in my previous post::: Things I feel like saying which aren't that important.

I just finished watching some Youtube.

I feel so happy and contented with my life.

I came up with a reason in the past week or so to stay on my Psychiatric Medication:::

Initially, when I first saw the doctor, the goal was to make me happy again.

Well, The Book of Mormon says "Wickedness never was happiness".

If people are trying to make me happy,

and I do feel happy with my life,

Then that must mean I'm not a sinner, according to that Book of Mormon quote.

I do try to be a good person.

But if righteousness and happiness are a binary value versus wickedness and sadness -----

Considering people wanted me to be happy, I guess I'm a righteous man then.

It does get confusing how the church would reject me from progressing in the priesthood if the desire for happiness actually indicates righteousness --------

But hey, I've now understood that appearances can be deceiving, so therefore in all likelihood, the church was meant to be "The perfect place for imperfect people".

Yeah, it's confusing::::

The church claimed to be a place of high standards.

And the perfect place for imperfect people.

That is a confusing thing, but I've realized now that the church gives priority to those who struggle to be good and gets rid of those who actually do that which is good,

So, therefore, the church might actually be a good place for imperfect people.

Therefore if I'm not a sinner, then the church isn't for me.

If wicked people are always unhappy,

then my happiness must mean I'm righteous.

The church is for the imperfect, which means they turfed me when I achieved a good state.

That's the best way I can understand it.

(Right now Grammarly tells me I sound sad --- which is weird because I am actually happy. I feel so contented. And now that I've written this, that emotion icon has disappeared. Huh).

Sunday, February 2, 2020

My Evaluation of the Trial Run

So::: it's been a while, I've made several blog posts on LBRY --- what do I think?

Only a few of you seem to have taken interest in the new blog (which makes me wonder how many of you are robots).

BUT ---- I actually get paid in fake money on my new blog, whereas I get very little to nothing from this blog.

BUT --- I enjoy making posts on this blog and seeing Youtube respond with relevant related content. Youtube responding to my writing has been a very cool feature for me --- I've learned so much.

This is how I think I'm going to work it::::

I will use different types of posts for different types of things on my mind.

My biggest ideas, my "aha!" moments, will be turned into LBRY videos.

My big news stories, such as things that have happened and everything that's "important" but not important enough for a video, will be put on the LBRY channel @KrisAttfieldBLOG.

So::: what about this blog? I think I still have a use for it:::: all the small stuff on my mind that I feel I want to share with the world.

The reason I might have small things on my mind that I want to share with the world is because sometimes I just have thoughts or feelings that no one is really going to care about, which aren't worth writing blog posts over or sending email about, but it is on my mind and I want to say it.

An example is this:::


It's 2:40AM right now, I just spent this early morning learning a new piece of music on my harmonica. So much fun. I enjoy it so much. I really recommend learning an instrument. Besides my niece, I'm probably the first member of my family who became really musical ---- and it's been wonderful.


That's a true story, and it's also the kind of post I think I would post on this blog::: things I want people to know about, but things that people probably don't care about.

Things I want to say but are not really that important. That's what I think this blog will be for.

For bigger news stories there's my LBRY channel @KrisAttfieldBLOG.

For my biggest ideas or "aha!" moments, there's videos on @KrisAttfield on LBRY.

And for selling video games there's @KrisAttfieldGAMES on LBRY.


I wrote this blog post to give my current evaluation, and to say I still have some use for this blog, as well as give an example of the kind of thing I would still post on this blog.

It's just so good, I've found it very useful, to post something here and see what Youtube has to say on the topic. I've really enjoyed that.