Saturday, January 11, 2020

Installed Pfhonge in a VM

I've been wondering about how I'll release my Android-specific games like Pfhonge on LBRY.

There are ways of installing android on various devices and all that ------

but last night I finally figured out how to successfully install Android x86 on VirtualBox on my Mac --- and then install Pfhonge, and play a bit.

If I release Pfhonge on LBRY, I'll probably want to release it with a video tutorial on how to install it in a virtual machine.

My current Mac mini for that sort of thing might've been a powerhouse 7 years ago ------ but now when I record lengthy videos of myself doing anything nowadays it chugs and get laggy on the video recording.

This basically means that if I'm going to release Pfhonge, I need to release it with a video tutorial of how to install it in Virtual Box ------- and if I'm going to make such a video I"ll likely need a newer and faster Mac.

I've been saving, but at the current rate, it'll still take quite a while.

We'll see ----- I just thought I'd post this update that I did manage to get Pfhonge working in a virtual machine.

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