Monday, January 13, 2020

I remembered something

I remembered something a moment ago.

Ten years ago, well, 9-10 years ago, back in 2010, I remember I decided to write a book about my experiences, in order to make money for any travels or undertakings I might want to take in life.

The book failed financially,

But today I remembered some of the things going on back in 2010 that might've indicated a need to travel.

Back in 2010, Avril Lavigne had a chatroom type thing on the main home page of her website.

I spent some time there.

One person told me I should go to LA to take Avril for myself before it was too late.

I also have a memory that someone was urging me to travel somewhere before 10 years were over ----- I remembered this today, and I realize that time for this travel is almost up ------ whatever it was supposed to be, whatever it was.

Back in 2010 I probably had at least a thousand dollars of debt (which quickly grew to about 12 thousand dollars fo debt with the publishing of my book) and my income was very limited.

To me, it looks like my book financially failed. But who knows if the government took my earnings, which may be why my income since then has grown substantially.

So:::: I remembered someone telling me I need to go on a trip within 10 years, the time is almost run out,

but the good news is that if I wanted to liquidate my savings I might be able to afford a vacation somewhere. A short vacation likely. If only a good portion of my savings wasn't locked into some non-redeemable GICs.

So yeah::: almost 10 years is over, and in a sense, I finally have enough to maybe make a journey somewhere. Although, my plans now are to buy new computer hardware instead, so I can continue with whatever I might try to do to sell games or whathaveyou.

(My main mac mini is getting old ---- I wonder if the hard drive on it is starting to wear out too).

And though I appreciate Avril and she's one of my favourite people, I no longer have any desire to marry. It seems really unlikely that I'd ever go searching for a spouse again. I'm not likely to try again with anyone is what I'm saying. As far as I can see right now, at least.

Yeah. There you go. It could be said my whole purpose for trying to sell stuff was to make money for travels somewhere -------- and only more recently on LBRY have I had the least bit of success in this endeavour.

It took 9-10 years, but finally, I am starting to see sales. It took a very long time for people to start paying me ------ although what might've helped that is that I'm selling for very, very cheap prices on LBRY.

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