Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I actually won a game of chess

Yesterday I had a friend over to play some games and have some fun.

One of the games we played was Chess.

I'm "schizophrenic". He's NOT schizophrenic.

I won.

Back when the schizophrenia hit back in grade 12, this never would have happened -- my brain would have been too broken.

But now I guess I've recovered enough that I was able to play the game at some level of skill.

Another factor may have been that my friend's mind is not fully operational (even though he's not schizophrenic) ---- in the past he told me he used to be pretty smart but he feels like he's just deteriorating over time.

So:::: either I've recovered pretty well, or I had an easier opponent or both.

Whatever it was, the game just seemed to work out.

Maybe it helped me that he went first --- I don't know (he took the first move).

Anyway ---- just interesting to note how my schizophrenic brain has recovered enough that I was actually able to effectively play and win a game of chess.


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